Leah Valentine Photography
Leah Valentine Photography

As the star of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listings: Los Angeles”, Josh Flagg knows a thing or two about selling luxury real estate. This fourth generation Angeleno who works for the tony firm of Rodeo Realty loves only the hautest spots in LA. Here are his insider’s guide to the City of Angels.

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Where were you born ?
Los Angeles
How long in Los angeles:
My whole life. I’m a fourth generation Angeleno.
Sunset Strip
Real Estate. I’m with Rodeo Realty in Beverly Hills.
Favorite Restaurant:
La Dolce Vida. The chopped salad is off the charts.
Best Sushi:
Hamasaku or Sasabune. Don’t argue with the chef at Sasabune. You eat what he gives you!
Best Italian:
Madeo. The veal is outstanding.
Best dessert:
Mastro’s butter cake
Best place for a romantic date:
Il Cielo
Best Sunday brunch:
Four Seasons
Best place for a power business meeting:
Polo Lounge. McCarthy Salad and steak tartare are must haves.
If you have out of town guests, which hotel would you recommend?
The Beverly Wilshire because of its location.
Favorite shopping venue/boutique:
Klein Epstein & Parker. They make my suits. Otherwise Barney’s.
Best Spa:
Four Seasons
Favorite Charity Event:
The Thaliens
Favorite Cultural Event:
Concours d’Elegance
Favorite Cultural Institution:
Hollywood Bowl. Get a good parking space, though, or you’ll spend the night there getting out.
Best Steakhouse:
Boa or Mastro’s
Best Pizza:
Smoked salmon pizza at The Ivy.
Best Lunch:
The Grill. Have the strawberry short cake for dessert.
Best Gym/Athletic Facility:
Equinox – if you don’t mind all of the distractions walking around.
Best Limousine/Driving Service:
Music Express
Best Museum/Exhibit:
The Getty
Favorite historic/legendary place to see or explore:
Greystone Mansion
All-around favorite locale in Los Angeles, whether a neighborhood, restaurant, venue, or other
The coffee shop at Beverly Hills Hotel or Mariposa at Neiman Marcus for lunch.
Best aspect of Los Angeles
The best part about Los Angeles is that you can’t discuss your business in a restaurant because the person sitting one booth over probably knows you, knows of you or wants to know you.
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