Haute Aircraft: Unveiling of a James Bond Jet

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Source: Born Rich

Uk based aircraft asset manager Falko and Design Q announce their 5th design of Avro Business Jet, designed with a James Bond inspiration.  Design  Q director Gary Doy comments,  “The ABJ Q challenges preconceived ideas of what constitutes luxury in a business jet interior.”

The interior of the ABJ jet consists of a bevy of high tech gadgets designed for the convenience of the owner. The lounge comes equipped with controls which allow the owner to change cabin settings. The sofas include a detachable back rest that shows the deconstructed nature of the interior. The bulkheads hosue the hidden monitors and refreshment center. The jet is built with the office environment in mind and so includes a built in office with daytime light settings, working printers and computers and a fully functional surveilance system for the jet’s high tech safe.

Source: Born Rich

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