Top 5 Places to Order Prime Rib in Las Vegas

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Used to be that prime rib was an offer that lit up the marquees in Las Vegas going for $3.99 all day. Not so much anymore. That doesn’t mean that restaurants here don’t offer this rich dish cut from the best portions of the ribs. Here’s a look at five places that serve up a delicious variation of this standard.

1 First Food & Bar

We love what Chef Sam DeMarco at First Food & Bar is doing with his menu. His new versions of old school Vegas classics make you remember dining of yesteryear. And he does it again with his
Sammy D’s House of Prime Rib section on the new dinner menu. Here you can find slow-roasted-salt-crusted, house dry aged prime rib with served with a a popover, au jus and horseradish cream. Regular appetites will appreciate the 12-ounce version, but we suggest ordering the Diggler, a bone-in 30 ounce hunk of beef that will have you thinking about Boogie Nights.

First Food & Bar
3327 Las Vegas Blvd. S.

2 Primarily Prime Rib

You have to love a restaurant with prime rib in the name. Four cuts of prime rib make the menu at Primarily Prime Rib. The cuts are dry aged for tenderness, seasoned and then slowly roasted. The South Point Cut is sliced thick, for your pleasure. The English Cut features three thin slices. Go with the blackened Cajun style for a kick of Creole. And when you’re famished, the cowboy cut satisfies with an extra-thick, double cut with the bone. Of course, you can find other dishes on the menu such as chicken and dumplings and sesame crusted sea bass, but we ask, why?

Primarily Prime Rib
South Point
9777 Las Vegas Blvd. S.

3 The Prime Rib Loft

Prime rib takes center stage at the Prime Rib Loft at the Orleans. Look for four cuts, ranging from thinly slice English cut to the Real Beefeater Cut double thick with the bone. Each rib roast is dry aged for tenderness, then seasoned and slowly roasted for incredible flavor.

The Prime Rib Loft
4500 W.  Tropicana Ave.

4 Morton’s The Steakhouse

This prime rib gets special billing on the menu every Friday and Saturday night. Chefs only prepare one roast per evening of the bone-in double cut prime rib and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Morton’s The Steakhouse
400 E. Flamingo Road

5 Strip House

Coming April 27, Strip House at Planet Hollywood Resort is offering up its version of prime rib —  slow-roasted, crusted with mustard and rosemary over dry heat until tender and finished to order. Executive Chef John Schenk is cooking up two of these rib roasts with eight servings per roast for the night, so reserve your ahead of time. It comes with a delectable Yorkshire pudding baked with hot prime rib drippings.

Strip House
Planet Hollywood Resort
3667 Las Vegas Blvd. S.

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