Winter Wonderland: The Top 5 Ways to Play in the Snow in Boston

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Snow in Boston usually means one of two things to Bostonians: Hibernation or heading north to the mountains. But there is a lot of fun to be had in the Boston bound snow. Whether you have kids, like to act like a kid on occasion, or can appreciate the splendor and beauty of the snow as a full grown adult, there is lots of fun to be had in the snow in Boston and Haute living has put together the top 5 ways to play in the snow to help get you started.

1 Outdoor Ice Skating

Outdoor ice skating in the city feels like a real treat, especially if the flakes are falling around you while jump and twirl (or hold on to the railing for dear life). Skip the natural waterways which rarely freeze up enough to be safe for treading upon and head to the Frog Pond in Boston Common, the Charles Hotel rink in Harvard Square or the Kendall Square rink in Cambridge.

The Frog Pond is located at the Boston Common, Boston; The Charles Hotel Skating Rink is located in Harvard Square, Cambridge; The Kendall Square Skating Rink is located in Kendall Square, Cambridge

2 Winter Wildlife at Arnold Arboretum

Freshly fallen snow on unfettered trees is a truly beautiful sight to behold.  And there may be no better place to take in all in than at the Arnold Arboretum.  There are activities to take part in at the arboretum all winter long, including a Signs of Winter Wildlife guided tour on January 22nd – including free hot cocoa and doughnuts!

Arnold Arboretum is located at 125 Arborway, Jamaica Plain, Boston 617.524.1718

3 Visit the Animals in the Zoo

I can’t help but think of Rocky and Adrienne’s first date in the snow at the zoo from the first Rocky movie whenever I visit the zoo in the wintertime.  During a recent visit to the Franklin Park Zoo, I was amazed to find zebras, lions, tigers, ostriches and camels out and about in the snow.. It was nice to not have to fight our way around a crowd as the lion showed off roaring from enclosure.  And when the chill became too much, we headed in side to see the gorillas, lemurs and more.

The Franklin Park Zoo is located at One Franklin Park Road, Mattapan, Boston 617.541.5466

4 Sledding

There is something absolutely freeing about whisking down a snowy incline with little control, letting gravity take over.  If every adult indulged in sledding at least once a year, perhaps thousands could be saved on therapy bills. Larz Anderson Park in Brookline is a perfect spot to begin your sledding adventures - plenty of parking and hills of varying degrees to suit every level of adventurous spirit.

Larz Anderson Park is located on Goddard Ave., Brookline 617.730.2069

5 Child's Play in the Boston Common

The space in the Boston common is just ripe for childhood antics in the snow.  Take your pick: make a snow angel or a string of paper doll snow angels; build a fort; start a snowball fight (just be sure anyone you engage in your antics is  a willing participant). Even start your amateur photography hobby.  The squirrels and pigeons make convenient models and the trees are spectacular in the freshly fallen snow.  The Common is your playground... have at it.

The Boston Common is located between Tremont St., Boylston St., Charles St., and Beacon St., Downtown, Boston

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