Lose the Spare Tire: The Top 5 Workouts in San Diego

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The holidays are over, and you are carrying around a ten pound reminder of the fun you had all last month, so it’s time to work it off! It’s a new year, and one of the most common resolutions is to lose weight and get in shape. There are SO many ways to work out, and so many different approaches to getting a hard, sexy body, with everything from power yoga to marathon training, how does one choose? Here in San Diego, we have some great options for a fitness program, so let’s take a look at the Top 5 workouts in San Diego, and get these soft bodies in beach shape by June!

1 The San Diego Beach Workout

When you live near the best beaches on the West Coast, why on earth would you every workout inside? For those of us that need a little more structure then just jogging on the beach, The San Diego Beach Workout is exactly what we need! These fine folks have created an interval workout with personal training out in the open sea air in the sand, which is pretty much the best way to workout imaginable. Every Saturday morning bring your towel and your stretchy pants and hit the beach with a purpose and a person to guide you, because let's be honest, the best workout in San Diego involves the Pacific.


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2 San Diego Surf Schools and Camps

Have you ever seen a professional surfer's body?  Us too. A fantastic way to workout and get in the best shape possible, is to learn to surf. In San Diego, there are so many resources up and down our area's coast that can help you learn to surf, and use it as the most fun and thrilling way to get in shape imaginable! With everything from summer camps devoted to surfing, to private lessons, to group classes, San Diego Surf School provides a lot of options to getting to your surfing goal. While it's not your traditional workout, it's definitely the most exciting!


3 San Diego Bike Routes

Why would anyone waste all of the natural beauty and incredible weather we have here in San Diego? One of the best ways to workout, and see our gorgeous city, is to hop on a bike and join an organized ride, or hit one of the many amazing bike routes solo and take your fitness into your hands and that of nature. With over 100 bike clubs, many scouted routes designed for skill and beauty, and a constant stream of organized biking events, not to mention the fact that many people here do not even own a car, this is the place to start a bike workout! ride along the beautiful Solana beach, or join a bike club that finds new routes all the time! It's not only going to benefit your physical health, we bet your mental health starts looking up too.




4 San Diego Hikers

Going along with this outdoor theme for working out, because we live in the best place to be outdoors, it's natural to think of hiking! San Diego Hikers takes hiking very seriously, combining fitness with challenges and nature to produce one serious workout. Listing all of the best hiking trails in San Diego, while the San Diego Hiking Club is a group of dedicated hikers that plan events and offer group hikes. Our landscape is perfect for a hike, and this is an activity that is a really enjoyable way to get fit and see the city!



5 Wired Fitness Outdoor Boot Camps

Want to get seriously in shape, with some pain and maximum results? Then you're looking for San Diego's Wired Fitness Boot Camps. With everything from bridal boot camps before your wedding, to corporate fitness boot camps, this group is going to get you into shape! Pick a time frame to your goal and jump into one of their many boot camps, sweating and working your way to your physical best! Contact them if you're serious about getting into shape, because this is no joke! Working out in the beautiful outdoors, without the bells and whistles of a gym, there's a reason Wired Fitness was voted Best Outdoor Boot Camps by San Diego Living Show!



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