Lick Your Lollipop: Top 5 Candy Shops in Atlanta

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Candy seems to be everyone’s dirty, little secret, that one addiction that started in childhood that you just can’t seem to shake. When you go to the movies, the theatre, a ballgame or even to the mall, the tasty allure of candy is right there taunting and tempting you to indulge. Well, I say enjoy the candy that reminds you of your childhood days of carefree living or when being hyped up on candy created a sugar rush that helped you cram for that big test in college. With Valentine’s Day approaching, now is the perfect time to seek out the best candy shops in Atlanta that are sure to have your mouthwatering with all of the sweet treats they have in stock. Enjoy this list and reward yourself after…with candy!

1 Southern Candy Company

Located in Underground Atlanta, Southern Candy Company is a great spot for all your sweet treat needs. Chocolate, lollipops, jelly beans, gumballs and everything in between is available here. Your inner sweet tooth is sure to tingle with delight once you get a look at all of the colorful and delicious candy that is behind the doors of one of Atlanta’s best places for all things sweet, sticky and satisfying. Not only do they offer specialty candy for holidays, but anytime you have a craving you can be sure that they are well stocked with all of your candy favorites.

112 Lower Alabama St. SW

Atlanta, Ga


Southern Candy Company

2 River Street Sweets

Housed inside the upscale shopping oasis that is Buckhead’s Phipps Plaza, the sweetest treat in Atlanta is ready to serve all of the candy addicts and sweet tooth junkies. River Street Sweets is so popular that they have four locations in Georgia alone. However, their Phipps Plaza location makes the list because of the quantity, quality and overall service that consistently lures customers in regularly. The have an absolutely wonderful selection of chocolates, fudge, cakes, pies, candies, lollipops and pralines just to name a few. In addition, once you have made your selections be sure to take advantage of the custom gift wrapping that seals the deal and makes any purchase totally sweet

3500 Peachtree St. Suite 1011

Atlanta, Ga


River Street Sweets

3 Kilwin’s

Atlantic Station has one sweet tenant in their popular candy shop Kilwin’s. If you want all your candy needs met, then look no further because it’s all here. They have such a variety and great selection of treats that I found myself literally fawning over all the candy from my childhood that I hadn’t seen in years. Also, the store setup is very nice as well, everything is nicely displayed in rows or columns so that customers have easy access and know exactly what they’re getting. But, if you thought that candy is the only thing they sell, think again. Ice cream, frozen yogurt, chocolates, fruit and nuts are all available and ready to be devoured by Atlanta’s sweet-addicted citizens.

1380 Atlantic Dr.

Atlanta, Ga



4 Greene’s Fine Foods

While they may specialize in the freshest Georgia pecans, Greene’s Fine Foods also has a delicious selection of candies and other assorted sweet treats, but their Gummi bear selection is my personal favorite. They have practically every type of Gummi bear that you could ever want and some that you are probably not familiar with, but are just as good as the classics. If the gummy sweets aren’t your thing try the chocolate and hard candy assortment that fills the display cases. There is a definite personal and down-home feel to Greene’s, they take their time with each order and customer and their presentation is always top-notch. This is Decatur’s sweetest surprise!

144 East Trinity Place

Atlanta, Ga


Greene’s Fine Foods

5 Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory

This is the biggest candy shop on the list, with several locations across the nation and a few internationally, and it lives up to the hype, reputation and the sweetest inventory that you’ll find in Atlanta. It may sound cliché, but whatever type, flavor or brand of candy you’re searching for you will definitely find it here. If it’s not at Fuzziwig’s, it doesn’t exist! Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating just a tad, but I have never visited this delightful candy shop and not found exactly what I was looking for. Brand name candy, penny candy, sour candy, gummi candy, chocolate candy, hot candy…it lives at Fuzziwig’s

4475 Roswell Rd. Suite 1710

Atlanta, Ga


Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory

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