Dipped in Chocolate: The Top 5 Chocolate Spa Treatments in Boston

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Nearly anything chocolate can be considered a treat. And while the concept of covering yourself in chocolate may seem like a silly indulgence, its hydrating properties for your skin are truly remarkable. The cocoa butter soothes and hydrates while the aromatherapy component is enough to make your sense delighted. It’s the no calorie chocolate fix.  But where can you get yourself properly coated in chocolate goodness?  Haute Living presents the top 5 chocolate spa treatments in Boston to help you on your chocolate quest.

1 Chocolate Detoxifying Body Wrap

Find a new guilty pleasure, minus the guilt in Violet Skin Boutique's chocolate detox body wrap.  Said to exfoliate, stimulate and illuminate the skin without consuming a single calorie. This hour long treatment will reinstate your sense of serenity as much as it does your moisture kissed skin.  All exfoliants, masks and oils used in this treatment are handmade and freshly prepared at the boutique.

Violet Skin Boutique is located at 257 Newbury St., Boston 617.262.7546

2 Chocolate at the Shore Salt Glow

You are sure to smell as delicious as you feel after this invigorating scrub down with seas salts and chocolate essence. This 30 minute treatment will have you tingling with tasty scented goodness from your shoulders on down to your tiniest baby toes. You may be tempted to wrap yourself up in a bow and give yourself as a gift after this tasty treatment.

Royal Treatments Spa is located at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, 40 Edwin Land Boulevard, Cambridge 617.806.4200

3 Chocolate Manicure

This is the one time you want the chocolate to melt in your hand, and it does from beginning to end. This 55 minute manicure starts with a soak in chocolate minerals, followed by a chocolate scrub, a chocolate mousse mask and a massage with chocolate butter cream. This is one chocolate binge that won't go to your hips!

Salon Sundara is located at 2 Canton St., Suite 112, Stoughton 781.341.4123

4 Chocolate Indulgence Pedicure

It is pure luxury to be able to soak your tired little toes in pure chocolate. Tuckered out tootsies are wrapped in cocoa goodness for a moisturizing and revitalizing foot treatment that is sure to put that spring back in your step.

The Ivy Tanning Salon and Spa is located at 15 College Highway, Southampton 413.527.7772

5 Melting Chocolate Heart Massage Bar

Chocolate spa treatments can be done at home too - especially if you have a partner to help in the application process.  Lush offers a good array of chocolate based body treatments.  Our favorite is the chocolate melting heart massage bar.  We'll let your imagination handle the rest...

Lush is located at 166 Newbury St., Back Bay, Boston 617.375.5874

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