Java Jolt: The Top 5 Coffee Shops in San Francisco

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True San Franciscans know that choosing a favorite coffee place can be a very political decision. Take the attempted installment of a Blue Bottle Coffee stand in Dolores Park earlier this year as a prime example. No matter which venue is your source of roasted bean deliciousness, it is sure to be an amazing cup of coffee.

1 Blue Bottle Coffee

This Bay Area based coffee company has dominated the local coffee business and has even opened their first out of state location in Brooklyn, New York back in March. Patrons love their amazing coffee beans and their attention to detail when brewing an amazing cup of coffee. Newcomers should try their Gibraltar.

Oakland: 300 Webster Street, Oakland

San Francisco: 315 Linden Street, 66 Mint Street, Ferry Building #7, 151 Third Street 5th Floor

2 Four Barrel Coffee

Coffee aficionados are big fans of this Mission coffee shop. Their roastery is located in the back of the coffee shop producing fresh coffee beans for purchase or consumption. Don’t be intimidated by the Mission venue or the patrons, the friendly and knowledgeable staff is more than happy to explain the menu to you.

375 Valencia St, San Francisco, 415.252.0800,

3 Ritual Coffee Roasters

Ritual Coffee fans are some of the most intense coffee lovers in the Bay Area. Opened in 2005, Ritual Coffee Roasters instantly became a San Francisco coffee favorite. Their attention to coffee selection and preparation technique result in amazing coffee that will have you coming back for more.

1026 Valencia St, San Francisco, 415.641.1011

1634 Jerrold Ave, San Francisco, 415.694.6448

610 First Street, Napa, 707.253.1190

4 Philz Coffee Inc

For over twenty-five, Philz Coffee has been a favorite San Francisco Bay Area coffee. Their twenty handmade blends have been meticulously perfected to brew into the perfect cup of coffee. Visit one of their many bay area locations or order Philz Coffee online and have it shipped to your house.

San Francisco: 3101 24th St, 201 Berry St, 4023 18th St, 748 Van Ness Ave

Palo Alto: 3191 Middlefield Rd

San Jose: 118 Paseo de San Antonio

Berkeley: 1600 Shattuck Ave

5 The Buena Vista

The Buena Vista is a true San Francisco landmark. In 1952, this venue is responsible for creating the world’s first Irish coffee. Consisting of hot coffee, sugar, Irish whiskey and white cream, around 2,000 of these Irish coffees are served at The Buena Vista each day.

2765 Hyde St, San Francisco, 415-474-5044,

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