Haute Events: Lisa Blue-Baron’s Big Holiday Party

Saturday night, Lisa Blue-Baron held her annual holiday party at her humble Preston Hollow abode on Deloache Avenue, inviting her closest 1,500 friends to partake in the festivities. Guests entered through the extravagant home, built by architect Robert A.M. Stern, and made their way into the giant 15,000 square foot adjoining tent, divided into three rooms with numerous bars, full elaborate buffets and a large performing stage and dance floor.

Invitees included many of Dallas’ elite, with more than a fair share of lawyers and judges, due to Blue-Baron’s lofty political position as a jury consultant and civil trial litigator. The widow of famed plaintiff lawyer Fred Baron, Blue-Baron continues to lead the Baron & Blue Foundation, excel in her career and maintain her reputation as a legendary party thrower.

Emmit Smith appeared as a guest of honor, who joined Blue-Baron in her bright blue beaded dress on the dance floor to perform a “Dancing with the Stars”-type duet to Sinatra’s “Fly With Me” and MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This.” After the crowd finished wildly applauding, Blue-Baron asked, “Were we better than that Palin woman?”

The fun continued with musical guests Sheryl Crow and the Dukes of September, a 1970s super group comprised of Boz Scaggs, Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen and the Doobie Brothers’ Michael McDonald. Guests danced and sang along until the party ended soon after midnight, when the confusing “new parking situation,” comprised of both valet and shuttle service, again became an issue for the large crowd.