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There’s nothing more appetizing than a good, juicy burger and its friendly potato counterparts. But we’re not talking Mickey D’s here: something must be said about the All-American combo that goes the extra mile to satisfy the hungry and the discerning palate. Here’s a few, Dallas style.

1 Village Burger Bar

A go-to spot in the heart of the West Village shopping center, Village Burger is practically always booming with business, whether you're astride the bar top enjoying a margarita or chowing down patio side on a big burger and side of sweet potato fries. My favorite: The Southwest Turkey Burger with jalapeno jack cheese, fresh spinach and avocado aioli. It's healthy enough to assuage your non-red meat eating lunchers, but mouthwatering enough to make any burger fan content.

3699 McKinney Avenue, C-325



2 Jake's

For 25 years, Jake's has been serving the good people of Dallas enough hamburgers to choke a herd of cattle (or frighten them to death.) If you are really, really hungry or just have a hankering for grossing out your date, head to Jake's for the biggest, overstuffed burgers out there. This month's highlight: The Philly Burger, with double meat, provolone cheese, sauteed bell peppers, onion and mushrooms. And try the Jumpin' Jake Fries, seasoned and battered to perfection.

2702 McKinney Avenue



3 The Grape

Texas Monthly named the burger found at Dallas Greenville Ave bistro The Grape the best burger in the state of Texas. Now that's something. Their classic cheeseburger has everything you need:  a giant 10 oz patty with homemade peppered bacon, white cheddar and dijonaise toasted on a pain au lait bun. But beware...due to high demand, the best darn burger in Texas is only available during Sunday brunch and dinner, and Monday nights. Reservations are recommended.

2808 Greenville Avenue



4 Twisted Root

Deep Ellum has never smelled so good. The idea behind Twisted Root Burger Company is simple: freshness. Fresh everything, from the meat to the fries and sweet potato chips to the homespun ice cream (that's for a whole other blog.) Even the ketchup and barbecue sauce is homemade. Feeling a little adventurous? Go hunting with their meat selections: Venison, Boar, Lamb, Emu (seriously), even Ostrich and Antelope burgers. In other words, don't take your vegan buddy here if you don't want a scene.

2615 Commerce Street



5 Keller's

Open since 1950 and still running strong, this drive-in deserves a spot on the list because of one menu item that is a surefire Texas favorite: The Tater Tot (add cheese, and it's perfection.) Not to mention their delicious burgers and ice cold beers, served straight from kitchen to car by one of their friendly waitstaff. It's a perfect place to stop in after a hot day at White Rock Lake.

6537 E Northwest Hwy


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