Is Staying Hydrated The Key To A Successful Skin Treatment?

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Drinking enough water every day plays a crucial role in your life for many reasons. Not only does it improve your brain performance, give you more energy, and help your digestive system, but it actually goes hand-in-hand with your skin's health and how it reacts to treatments. When speaking with Haute Beauty experts, we asked them a range of questions regarding the importance of hydration after treatment, if there are treatments that require you to drink more water, and if there are any side effects of not staying hydrated; here is what they shared.

The Biltmore Spa | Day Spa | Coral Gables, FL

Vibrant health always comes from the inside out. One crucial factor in the equation lies in maintaining strong cells that can attract and keep water. Hydration has to do with the water your cells can retain and use to support cellular functions. Every part of the body, from the brain to the tendons and ligaments needs water to function properly. It is crucial to drink water after any treatment since it will help flush out any accumulated substances that were released during the treatment.

You should stay hydrated on a daily basis regardless of if you have a Spa service or not, however, there are some services that require extra hydration, especially if you want to aid your lymphatic system in flushing away the toxins or fat cells in the case of a fat removal procedure. 

There are so many side effects of not staying hydrated! If your hydrating levels are off, it is harder for your body to function properly and do some of its basic tasks. Some examples include feeling tired, moody, dizzy, losing mental focus, experiencing headaches, constipation, and of course, it will show on your skin as fine lines and wrinkles since the collagen can crack with insufficient water.

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Bellagena Med Spa | Day Spa | Bradenton, FL

This is a topic we talk about every day with our patients. Staying hydrated is so vitally important for so many reasons. Our body is made up of 45% - 75% water and is essential for temperature control, cellular function, and waste removal, to name a few. There is around 70% - 75% water in our skin, the body’s largest organ. It is recommended that the average adult female intake about 90 oz of water per day. This should increase during the summer months and while exercising.

There isn’t a specific treatment that requires water before or after. But in general, not drinking water or staying hydrated can cause a host of issues with the skin and could create difficulties when receiving treatments. For example, for a Co2 or Erbium laser resurfacing treatment water is the chromophore, so if you are not properly hydrated then your clinical outcome could result in longer healing time, subpar results, or more treatments.

Dehydrated skin can compromise your barrier making you more susceptible to a host of different issues. Your skin can become red and irritated. You will be more prone to acne breakouts and dry skin tends to become cracked and wrinkles can become more visible.

Now, dehydrated skin doesn’t only mean our water intake is low but could be from the evaporation of hydration thru the skin called, TEWL (Trans-Epidermal Water Loss). We can lose up to half of our hydration through TEWL each day! How do we stop this? Selecting proper skin care products such as hydrating serums, using a moisturizer, and being diligent about SPF. Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, Sodium PCA & Trehalose are a few of my favorite hydrating ingredients to look for! The last factor that can play into our skin’s hydration is our lifestyle, smokers and sun-worshippers will also be more likely to have dehydrated skin.

I think the takeaway here is to make sure your fluid intake is consistent throughout the day, consider your lifestyle choices, and make sure your skincare routine includes quality hydrating serums, and moisturizers, and always wear your SPF, even in the winter. When in doubt, talk with your Esthetician.

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ELIVATE MedSpa Wellness | Medical Spa | Stamford/Greenwich

Aesthetic medicine treatments are not only a wonderful way to improve aspects of your appearance, but they work towards improving your skin from the inside out, which is just as important. In my opinion, it's imperative to stay hydrated all the time – whether before treatment, after treatment, or simply throughout everyday life. Drinking enough water each day is not only crucial for the body to run optimally, but is a main factor in anti-aging. If you become dehydrated, you run the risk of your skin resulting in premature aging.

Water is essential to maintaining ideal skin balance by helping with moisture and the delivery of vital nutrients to the skin cells. It helps to increase elasticity, resulting in a delay in the onset of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines. I encourage my patients to practice good hydration before and after procedures to help cleanse their bodies of toxins, refresh their skin and optimize healing. I feel that if you are investing in any type of treatment for your body (inside or out) then it's important to protect that by doing easy things like drinking enough water. And don’t forget that hydration is good for procedures like dermal fillers as hyaluronic acid fillers look better when you drink water and it’s always suggested to avoid alcohol for at least 24-48 hours before and after receiving injectables. Skipping the glass of wine at dinner can make the experience of injectables a bit more pleasant, whereas dehydration can intensify unwanted side effects.

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Refine Health | Medical Aesthetics | Coral Gables, FL & Miami, FL

Here at Refine Health, we offer a multitude of treatments that incorporate the need for hydration. For aesthetic procedures such as Botox, fillers, Morpheus8, and chemical peels, staying hydrated will support the end result of your skin looking and feeling its best. Hydration is key to keeping your skin looking supple and rested. Our fillers at Refine Health are made from Hyaluronic Acid which draws in water to create or restore volume in different areas. Staying hydrated will assist in achieving the maximum results from your filler. In procedures such as Morpheus8 keeping the skin hydrated will assist in the recovery process or creating new collagen and enhancing tissue. 

We recommend hydration for all treatments in our office. We especially recommend hydration for patients receiving bloodwork or IV infusions. At Refine Health we offer in-depth blood work that includes hormone panels, and vitamin levels. To achieve the best results we recommend our patients be thoroughly hydrated before any blood work procedures. 

Dehydration can lead to a few issues that can be easily apparent. The first is signs of thirst, headaches, and dizziness. These symptoms are due to a lack of volume in your body and your brain signaling to add volume to your body. The skin can also appear dry and lacking in moisture as well. At Refine Health we also offer options for people that want quick hydration options such as IVs in the office and mobile. 

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