Dermatologist’s Predictions For This Year’s Skincare Trends

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The new year, calls for new obsessions. And with that, we skin fanatics were itching to find out what our Haute Beauty experts predict for this year's skin trends. As we are one month in, we decided to ask our experts what they think we'll see hit the skincare market, big time; here's what they anticipate.

Dr. Mara Weinstein Velez | Skin | Rochester, NY

For many, the new year brings new opportunities! Whether you’re starting a new fitness program, redecorating your home, or simply finding a better system for your skincare!

Retinol is a product that individuals are finding to be so incredibly helpful, whether it’s for acne or anti-aging. But for so many, retinol can be very irritating. And I think that a trend we will start to see in 2023 is people finding new ways to incorporate retinol into their existing skincare routine.

Like all skincare, there is no one size fits all and this definitely applies to retinol. With my patients, I like to take into consideration their current skin state, their concerns, and their goals. Doing so will determine how frequently they will be incorporating retinol into the routine.

A few popular methods are applying retinol for two nights in a row (followed by a moisturizer), and then the third night off. Two nights on one night off. And maybe sometimes three nights on and one or two nights off. There are so many different variations to incorporate retinol into one’s skincare routine. So I feel like we are going to see a lot of different variables this year!

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Dr. Omar A. Ibrahimi | Skin | Stamford/Greenwich

I predict that there will be more folks who will return to in-office work and as such, they will need to evolve their skincare routines back to being efficient. This will lead to parts of the skincare regimen that are more time-consuming or that can be done while at home Ie leaving a mask on to possibly be reduced in frequency.

I always advise my patients to focus on the most important aspects of skin care which include using a good cleaner, adequate moisturization, and then a few key products such as retinol, a growth factor-containing product, and a Vitamin C serum/cream. After that, if you have time for other products that's a bonus!

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