How Microneedling Helps Revitalize Your Skin According to Experts

Our skin is one of the most important components in maintaining a youthful appearance, especially the skin on our face. There are many products on the market promising to revitalize facial skin, but increasingly popular is the use of one's own blood to keep us looking youthful. Face expert Dr. Shoib Myint dishes about PRF Face Microneedling and how this hot trend is key in helping to revitalize facial skin.

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Our blood has tremendous healing and regenerating potential. This process is primarily achieved through the platelets in our blood. These platelets can not only clot and stop bleeding, but it also has the ability to change the skin texture and help with collagen growth because of its different types of growth factors. The collagen protein in our skin gives our skin a youthfully smooth appearance. It will decrease every decade starting in our late 20’s. This decrease in collagen is compounded by external and internal factors such as environmental toxicity, smoking, poor skincare, sun exposure, poor nutrition, etc. Why is it that some individuals have much better skin than others as they age? Although genetics can play a role, managing the external and internal factors can significantly affect our skin’s appearance.

One of the hottest trends in plastic surgery is using our own blood to help in new collagen production and the overall health of our skin. By extracting the platelets and its growth factors in the plasma of our blood, the production of our skin collagen matrix can be accelerated. Initially, the use of anticoagulants in test tubes created a plasma which was rich in the platelets called PRP (platelet-rich plasma). More recently, however, the use of glass tubes with no anticoagulant and no preservatives can extract fibrin within the platelets at a higher concentration than PRP. This process is known as platelet-rich fibrin or PRF. Studies have shown that the concentration of certain growth factors and fibrin in PRF is significantly higher than PRP and the impact it can have on the appearance of our skin can be significant.

After the blood is drawn with a small butterfly needle, the test tube is placed in a centrifuge and spun for 5-10min. The tube is removed and the top layer (gold color with high concentrations of platelets, growth factors and fibrin) is taken out carefully and used for many applications for the body including injections into joints, soft tissue volume enhancement and microneedling for skin collagen production. Dr. Myint’s microneedling technique with PRF has brought a lot of attention to his practices in Las Vegas, Beverly Hills and Madrid.


The benefits of PRF and PRP in facial aesthetics are becoming more common. It can help with facial scarring, acne, melasma, skin wrinkles, skin tone, skin consistency, collagen synthesis, use in facial plastic surgery for healing and reducing inflammation, and hair growth. More applications are on the horizon.


PRF and PRP are replacing synthetic materials that have been used in the past to treat many facial concerns. The advantage of using PRP and PRF is that is is all-natural from our own blood. PRF has no preservative and is in the purest form.


There really is no serious side effects as it is our own. Sometimes patients can experience bleeding at the site of blood draw, as well as some redness and discomfort. It is not indicated in those patients who have a blood disease or blood cancer.


There and many technological advances in facial aesthetics on the horizon but nothing compares to unlocking the healing potential of our own blood. We are discovering more powerful elements within our blood. More importantly, the future of skincare and facial aesthetics will be heading towards all-natural from skin products with no preservative to surgery done more naturally. What better way to experience the look we all desire than using our own blood.

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