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  • Chan Tran
  • With degrees in journalism and psychology from the University of Florida, Chan Tran left her alma mater and hometown for the big magazine world that is Emmaus, Pa., home to Men’s Health and Prevention magazines for her first big breaks. But for this thin-blooded Floridian, the road was always paved with oranges. One northern winter too many sent Tran to the city where the heat is always on to write and edit for a health and fitness magazine and moonlight as a public health master’s degree student before coming on board with Haute Living. When she is not taking in the little delights of creating clever leads and punny headlines, Tran is soaking up the sun, raiding sample sales, running in downtown Brickell, loving on her mini-doxie, Bits, enjoying lip-smacking food and talking smack throughout the college football season.

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