How To Spend A Luxurious Week In Mykonos

Often referred to as the Queen of the Cyclades, Mykonos is not just another picturesque spot in the Mediterranean. It is a symphony of azure waters, vibrant bougainvillaea cascading down stone walls, and whitewashed structures. As one of the most sought-after destinations in the world, the adorable Greek island offers a unique blend of rich history, natural beauty, and nightlife that dances until dawn.

While its charm is undeniable, the myriad experiences awaiting travellers can be overwhelming for the uninitiated ones. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a seasoned globetrotter, navigating a week in this paradise requires a touch of planning and a sprinkle of insider knowledge. Let this guide be your compass to a week of adventure, luxury, and unforgettable memories in Mykonos.

Where to Stay

Although Mykonos provides a plethora of different accommodation options to please a wide range of budgets, requirements, and desires, luxury hotels and private villas are by far the two most popular and preferred ones.

  1. Luxury Hotels

In the realm of luxury, Mykonos stands unmatched with its array of opulent hotels that serve as much more than just a place to rest your head. These establishments are a blend of Grecian aesthetics, world-class service, and modern amenities. We strongly recommend considering the following options, though the available range of boutique hotels and elegant resorts is much more extensive.

  • Mykonos Blu Grecotel Exclusive Resort – Perched atop the famous Psarou Beach, it offers a panoramic view of the sparkling Aegean Sea. Besides its enviable location, the resort itself is a testament to style and grandeur, setting the gold standard for luxury accommodation on the island. Designed by the renowned Greek architect, Nikos Mouriklis, the resort boasts a unique Cycladic design. Each of its 103 suites and bungalows is adorned with an ambience that whispers elegance, pure white fabrics, and hand-carved stone. As for the Elixir Spa within the premises of the hotel, it offers ancient Greek beauty rituals-inspired treatments using locally-sourced ingredients. For when hunger strikes, the Aegean Poets Restaurants serves delicious seafood and a delectable mix of Mediterranean and Greek cuisine.
  • Santa Marina, A Luxury Collection Resort – A gem in the island’s crown, it is located in the secluded Ornos Bay, providing both proximity to the bustling Mykonos Town and privacy. Santa Marina is an experience, not just a resort. With the world-renowned Ginkgo Spa, the iconic Buddha-Bar Beach restaurants, and the private beach, guests are enveloped in a cocoon of luxury. Its suites and rooms, designed by the famed interior designer Kristina Zanic, reflect the island’s colours (crispy white and navy blue), with touches of earthy tones. For the most romantic sunset views, you may head to the resort’s infinity pool, and enjoy the setting sun that paints the sky in hues of pink and orange, while sipping on signature cocktails from the Buddha-Bar.
  1. Luxury Villas

While the Queen of the Cyclades boasts a plethora of stylish hotels, there is an unparalleled charm in having a private space that feels like home, yet oozes the opulence of a 5-star resort. The island’s villas combine luxury with privacy, with every stay being tailored to perfection. One of the key players when it comes to luxury vacation villas in Mykonos is Kinglike Concierge, with an exclusive portfolio of handpicked properties. From the hundreds of available options, we have been particularly mind-blown by the following lavish properties. However, feel free to conduct your own research to find the one that speaks to your heart directly!

  • Villa Ines – Tucked in the elite Kastro region, this exquisite mansion enchants with phenomenal sunset views that feel almost unworldly. Besides proximity to the island’s vibrant capital, Villa Ines is the epitome of Mykonian luxury, pampering guests with high-end amenities, including a heated infinity pool, multiple outdoor and indoor dining and sitting areas, a pool bar, cabanas, a jacuzzi, a massive veranda overlooking the shimmering Aegean Sea, and posh ensuite bedrooms with wall-to-wall windows enabling unobstructed seascapes that can cut your breath.
  • Villa Placido – A beachfront pearl with direct access to a sugary shore, sitting at the scenic Agrari area. The mansion boasts four chic ensuite bedrooms, tasteful decor, superb aesthetics, and adorable Cycladic architecture, featuring stone-adorned exterior walls, whitewashed interiors, pergolas, cubic-shaped structures, and charming vaulted ceilings. However, perhaps its strongest selling point is its jaw-dropping views of the glistering archipelago that blur the line between the azure of the Mediterranean sky and the cobalt Aegean Sea. A fully-equipped kitchen, an infinity pool, a wood fire BBQ, and multiple lounges, dining, and guest houses are some of the features that ensure comfortable, relaxed, enjoyable, and authentic Mykonos experiences. A superb option for large groups of friends or families travelling together.

Note: What is also noteworthy about luxury villas is the fact that every aspect of your stay can be meticulously planned and tailored according to your specific needs. From arranging private chefs to curate gourmet meals to organising yacht cruises around the neighbouring islands, nothing is out of reach.

What to Do

Yet another question that would require many pages to cover. Among the top things we strongly recommend, especially to first-time Mykonos visitors are:

  • Discover the charm of Mykonos Town – also referred to as the Chora, the lively capital magnetises with its cobblestone labyrinth alleys, lined with whitewashed buildings and colourful doors. Feel free to wander through them, visit the iconic Matoyianni street for boutique shopping experiences, head to the seafront to admire the Windmills and watch the sunset from Little Venice while sipping a delicious cocktail at one of the many beachfront cafes and bars.
  • Relax at pristine beaches – The coastline is fringed with powdery shores featuring crystalline waters. From the cosmopolitan Elia and Super Paradise beaches, which epitomise the Mykonos beach club party scene, to the more remote, quiet, and isolated Agia Anna and Agios Sostis beaches, expect nothing but dream-fulfilling experiences by the sea. Among the over 60 different beaches, you can choose the ones that fit your requirements, be it for enhanced privacy, nudism, water sports, kid-friendly options, or another.
  • Dive into the island’s rich history at Delos – Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Delos Island is only a short boat ride from Mykonos. An open-air museum from end to end, Delos will amaze you with its archaeological wonders, including impressive temples dedicated to the ancient Greek god Apollo and his twin sister, goddess Artemis, a sacred lake, and even the ruins of ancient theatres, to name a few. Of course, you may charter a yacht to explore all the other Cyclades islands, visit remote beaches, picnic on a secluded shore, dive in transparent waters, and soak up some rays (could also be a sunset cruise for the romantic ones out there!).
  • Experience the animated nightlife and party scene – Mykonos is synonymous with electrifying nightlife. From sophisticated cocktails at 180º Sunset Bar to beach parties that go on until the early wee hours at Tropicana, there is something for every party lover. For a unique experience, you may consider Cavo Paradiso, a nightclub built on a cliff, offering dance beats with a side of spellbinding sea views. For more chilled and laid-back evenings out, the seafront tavernas, restaurants, cafes, and bars along the coastline are all fantastic picks.
  • Taste the local flavours – Indulge in the rich culinary heritage of the island, by visiting a local taverna to savour traditional dishes like tzatziki and mousaka. Seafood and fish mezedes are also to die for, especially when accompanied by a glass of ouzo or wine made locally.
  • Learn about the island’s art and culture-related legacy – One of the most spectacular galleries for art enthusiasts is the Rarity Gallery in Mykonos Town, which showcases contemporary art from international artists. The Aegean Maritime Museum, as well as the Folklore Museum of Mykonos and the Agricultural Museum also please visitors.

Dining & Drinking

Kiki’s Tavern is an unassuming gem offering a genuine taste of Mykonos. Tucked away near Agios Sostis, it serves grilled dishes and refreshing salads bursting with Mediterranean flavours. The aroma of the dishes, combined with the sea view, creates an unforgettable dining experience.

For mouth-watering seafood, we recommend Scorpios, set on a sun-drenched peninsula, which provides a blend of culinary excellence and stunning seascapes. The Mediterranean diet-inspired menu emphasises fresh seafood while the grilled octopus and the Mykonian lobster spaghetti are must-tries.

Gourmet dining, on the other hand, has a name – Spilia. Nestled in a natural cave, the restaurant overlooks the azure waters of the Aegean and spoils visitors with dishes like sea urchin pasta, made from locally sourced ingredients.

For refreshing cocktails, you could head to Principote, whose panoramic views of the island will feel you in awe. The mixologists there craft some of the most innovative concoctions, while the Aegean Whisper (a blend of thyme syrup, fresh lemon juice, and ouzo) is a fabulous tribute to Mykonos’ flavours.

Finally, for late-night revelry, Astra is a great place to visit. The iconic bar is designed by world-famous Jean-Pierre Martel and combines the cosmopolitan vibe of Mykonos with its genuine charm. Expect a night of frolic and fun as international DJs spin the decks under the starlit ceiling.

Embracing the Mykonian Magic

The island’s hypnotic allure will sweep you off your feet. From its vibrant culture and rich history to its animated nightlife and world-class dining, Mykonos offers a mosaic of experiences that beckon travellers from all corners of the globe. Whether you are seeking solace on its serene beaches, indulging in gourmet delights, enjoying exquisite sunset views from the terrace of your private villa, or dancing under the star-studded sky, Mykonos is simply captivating.

Written in partnership with Kinglike Concierge