Linda Varisco – Author Of The Life of Mr. Peaches: Life is Peachy And Founder Of The Mr. Peaches Publishing Company

Children’s literature plays a primary role in shaping and developing minds because children can absorb knowledge and information while storing it in their brains. Developing and producing content and literature that offers knowledge and insights into life and various aspects of our world is essential for nurturing children’s evolving perceptions and perspectives. Reading is among the most prominent and likable activities among children because children’s books typically offer entertainment and learning as a combined package. It is essential to provide children with books containing life lessons and knowledge that teach them about important topics. However, the books should also be entertaining and include illustrations that keep young minds interested in the topic. Books about animals are popular among children because they offer unique stories about particular animals and engage children by offering interesting information. The Life of Mr. Peaches: Life is Peachy offers entertainment and interesting content to children through illustrations and Mr. Peaches’ story while embedding informative details about squirrels.

The Life of Mr. Peaches is a children’s book by prominent chiropractor-turned-author Linda Varisco. The book illustrates the life of the squirrel named Mr. Peaches from his perspective and how he went from being an abandoned squirrel to being a part of the Varisco family. The book offers children an interesting storyline and perspective, with illustrations accompanying the text to keep children engaged. The book is also an excellent source for children to learn about squirrels and how life’s circumstances can change for the better. Linda Varisco was inspired and motivated by her marketing and social media instructor, Marcos Kwasniewski, to create a video on Mr. Peaches. He was amazed by witnessing Mr. Peaches crawl up her leg and shoulder during a video call. Kwasniewski compelled Varisco to make a video of Mr. Peaches and post it on social media. The video received significant attention and views, and most people recommended that Varisco write a children’s book on the life and adventures of Mr. Peaches.

Varisco wrote and published the book with support from her instructor, Kwasniewski, for illustrations. The book’s reception encouraged Varisco to establish a publishing company named after the squirrel, Mr. Peaches LLC. Linda Varisco was not always an author and spent over thirty years as a chiropractor before focusing on writing. She helped thousands of people recover from or alleviate chronic pain and neuromuscular disorders as a chiropractor. Born on November 1, 1962, in Long Island, New York, to Italian American parents, Varisco also had an adventurous life like Mr. Peaches. She received love and affection from her parents and grandparents growing up. Varisco had a strong connection with all of them because they showered her with love. She became a chiropractor despite dreaming of becoming an OB/GYN professional after getting inspired by a chiropractor who treated her mother. Linda Varisco’s mother was forced to remain in a recliner for six months due to severe lower back pain and disc herniations. When all else failed, the author’s father took the mother to a chiropractor, and Varisco’s mother started walking within two and a half weeks.

Witnessing the chiropractor’s role in helping people recover from pain and perform miraculous tasks when other treatment procedures fail inspired Linda Varisco to intern with a chiropractor. Working as an intern and witnessing a chiropractor help people recover from pain motivated her to join Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Varisco graduated with honors in 1987 as a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) and started her career as a chiropractor. She helped and treated thousands of patients of all ages and focused on OB/Gyn patients during the later stages of her career, helping pregnant women with pain management. Varisco helped thousands of patients during her three-decade career before getting inspired to become an author.

Writing The Life of Mr. Peaches: Life is Peachy and its response from readers and audiences compelled Linda Varisco to become a full-time author. She established the Mr. Peaches Publishing Company to pursue her career as an author and to support other authors in publishing their books. Becoming an author also changed Varisco’s perspective as she focused on offering entertainment and knowledge through words rather than treating chronic pain through manual therapy. The author is also completing an autobiography detailing her adventurous life and journey from becoming a successful chiropractor to a published author.

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