“The Green Living Guy” Becomes Global Environmental Media Message

Our planet and ecosystems have been impacted by the long-term consequences of climate change in several ways. Seth Leitman is leading the global movement to reduce the potential effect of this urgent global crisis, and all hands are on deck to do it. He has more than 25 years of expertise and is known as The Green Living Guy for his outstanding contributions to the green industry.

The Green Living Guy has worked for and collaborated with the New York State Senate, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and the New York Power Authority on numerous green initiatives (NYPA). This time, he is using his own company to advance his causes. The Green Living Guy produced and distributes information through a variety of channels, including his blog, consultancy business, podcast, and verified YouTube all to amplify his advocacy.

Leitman seeks to collaborate with other influential and powerful figures to reach a wider audience with his uplifting message. The Green Living Guy, as President of the Greater Hudson Valley Electric Vehicle Association, is using his position to expand his platform: to get owners of EVs to join their advocacy. To further disseminate his message worldwide, he also asks more people to tune in to his podcast on climate change, green living, and electric automobiles.

“I always loved the environment, but it became evident that brands and my name had to be one over time, doing what I love. A friend of mine too started his TV show and made a name for himself,” shared The Green Living Guy.

Recently, Seth Leitman assisted an electric bus firm in organizing an event that featured four senators from the State of New York and an electric school bus. Seth demonstrated how he intends to support the initiative’s mission to promote these essential ecologically sustainable options under the direction of NYS Senator Peter Harckham.

The Green Living Guy wants to provide various services in the next five years, just as they did for Tesla, Xos Trucks, Staples, Panasonic USA, and other publicly traded businesses. The Green Living Guy will support the company’s growth and help it succeed on a larger scale. With this, they want to make their service available globally and target clients who share the same advocacy and would be interested in hiring such work.

As a widely recognized expert on green living, Seth has written and edited nine books with TAB McGraw-Hill.

“People need to know that I am a natural resource on climate change, the environment, global warming, green living, and electric cars in New York. So I will bring electric cars, buses, and another great green tech to NY,” explained Leitman.

Leitman has even partnered with Evertreen, a sustainability company that works with businesses like HP. Every month, they plant 100 trees throughout the world and 500 trees in seven nations.

The Green Living Guy also has a podcast on Spotify, Amazon Radio, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and on the Art19 platform where he invites people to learn more about green living and green tech alternatives and innovation in fighting against climate change and becoming better advocates for the environment.

Despite having made significant progress in the green industry, the Green Living Guy business still has a long list of projects in the works. In the near future, Seth sees the Green Living Guy business offering additional services and helping make the world a safer and greener place to live.

Written in partnership with Ascend