Haute Living Hosts a Summertime Haute Leaders Dinner at Marion Miami

On June 14th, Haute Living hosted their Haute Leaders at Marion Miami for an elevated dinner and summery cocktails. This monthly dinner is a highlight for most Haute Living members, and a chance to connect with industry leaders, spanning several markets.

Guest and Lana Mar
Melissa Barragan and April Donelson

Guests from Haute Design, Residence, Lawyer, Beauty, and MD networks were welcomed with refreshing passionfruit cocktails and escorted into a private dining room at Marion Miami.

Once seated, a delicious 3-course meal was presented starting with delicious appetizers such as sweet and spicy edamame, hamachi jalapeño rolls, and popcorn shrimp. For entrees, Haute Leaders were served pineapple teriyaki salmon, spicy ginger filet mignon, and a lovely risotto hot pot. Side dishes included truffle fries, truffle mac & cheese, and miso roasted cauliflower. To finish things off, dessert came in the form of Marion’s imperial experience, which is comprised of an assortment of sweets, fruits, and ice cream.

It was another successful Haute Leaders dinner as guests thoroughly enjoyed their time and are already looking forward to the next event in the Haute Leaders series.

Jeannette Rodriguez and Andrea Gutierrez
Daniel and Irina Tzinker
Elena and Kirk Ivy
Dr. Jay Young and Adrian Jones
April Donelson, Joe Padula, and Alex Miranda