Klaudia Kudelko’s Breathtaking New Take On A Franz Schubert Classic

Step inside the mind of pianist Klaudia Kudelko, a groundbreaking musician challenging the archaic nature of classical music. The music video of her recent release, Schubert’s Moment Musical op. 94 no.3 in F Minor is astoundingly different from the norm in her genre. The art synthesis of classical music and ballet forms in her dream-like state is seen through Natalia Pasiut and Kristóf Szabó’s roles as passersbys in both life and her unconscious.

In collaboration with the Grand Theater National Opera in Warsaw and the Polish National Ballet, Kudelko, Pasiut, and Szabó give us a fresh new look and sound to an almost two-hundred-year-old piece. Pasiut and Szabó’s creative choreography and Kudelko’s singing, yet the minimalist style of playing, give the work an elegant yet playful sound with a visual that stands out amongst the world’s creatives.

This new look is not shocking for Kudelko as the pianists brand has been unconventional. She’s known for breaking traditions with her interpretations, and the singing tone she often gives to many of her pieces has been a fan favorite throughout the hundreds of concerts she played around the world between 2019-2022. The artist knows the modern music consumers’ attention span, and she capitalizes on it both on stage and in this video. She has been known to introduce her pieces live with a brief history of the composer. This is incredibly helpful in introducing new listeners to the genre in a relatable fashion. Kudelko, whose brand on social media has also been different from most in the genre, is a testament to her connection with her fans and music lovers alike and her love for her craft and her audience. The distinctive timbre she presents not only makes fans eager for the complete cycle of Schubert’s moments on her upcoming album but even more anxious for her return to the stage in the Summer of 2022.

You can view Kudelko’s rendition of Schubert’s Moment Musical at the link below.


Written in partnership with Digital Nod