The World’s Most Successful Motorcycle Launch Is Also Sustainable: Introducing Stark Future’s Stark VARG

As sustainability becomes more top-of-mind for all industries across the world, eco-friendly alternatives are now the norm, especially when considering modes of transportation. While motorcycles are inherently more sustainable than a traditional car, thanks to fewer resources needed and less space taken up, motorcycle brands are stepping up their sustainability commitments across the board. Electric vehicle sales are expected to increase about 45% in 2022 in comparison to the expected sales in 2021.

For Barcelona-based company Stark Future, leading, challenging and inspiring the motorcycle industry in terms of sustainability is the ultimate goal. The brand just launched its groundbreaking electric motocross bike, the Stark VARG. The launch shattered records with €8 million in sales on launch day and 800 bikes sold within just 24 hours. The bike ultimately brought in €25 million in the first week.

The VARG is the company’s first product to hit the market, and its overwhelming success confirms that people are interested in new, innovative technologies that push boundaries of what is currently available. “Anyone that can ride a bicycle can ride the VARG,” explains company representative Benjamin Cobb. “Still, the bike has the capabilities to push the fastest riders in the world to their limits.” The bike has a peak performance of 80hp, which is 30% more than a typical 450cc four-stroke. Riders can adjust from 1 to 80hp in a matter of seconds through the Stark VARG App, a comprehensive tool available in the bike’s display, or through your smartphone.

As for the VARG’s sustainability, it generates zero CO2 emissions and uses less plastic than any other full-size bike on the market. “We will continue to also reduce CO2 emissions in production and transport,” said the company spokesperson. “And, find ways to reduce the use of plastic even further.”

While motorcycles notoriously require constant maintenance and upkeep, the VARG’s design requires the same amount of maintenance as a simple bicycle. Long gone are the days of frequent, costly trips to the mechanic, or, even worse, having to learn the skills yourself.

Looking ahead, Stark Future has many ideas for new vehicles in a not-so-distant future and new technology to develop. “Innovation is our core focus, ” Cobb explained.

Written in partnership with Thomas Herd