Transforming People’s Lives By Creating Abundance With Her Success Mindset Is Jennifer West-Granahan

It was her alignment with energy that helped her build a successful career for herself as a real estate educationist.

Dreaming to create a career for oneself is one thing; going all out to make efforts is another thing and working hard each day to make sure to turn those dreams into reality is an altogether different thing. Only a few professionals and entrepreneurs belong to the latter category and secure success in their respective industries. Out of these, so many women have been ruling industries and sectors all over the world. We couldn’t help but notice the massive rise of Jennifer West-Granahan in the world of real estate, where she has gone all out to make it huge as a coach and educationist.

What has turned people’s heads towards her and her incredible work in the industry is her keen focus on energy, where she believes that energy is everything. She can’t emphasize enough the fact that people create their current lives through their thoughts and emotions. However, she also points out that individuals must always ensure to control their minds and not let it happen the other way round. Helping people get started in the world of real estate without a million bucks and helping them harness their power within for creating abundance in all the areas of life has become her way of life today as a coach in the industry, focusing on the Success Mindset.

The real estate strategy called Wholesaling has changed the game for her and her students in the industry in multiple ways. She recalls how she had got into wholesaling for raising money for investing in real estate and wanted to share her knowledge with others as that is her true passion. For this, she started her YouTube channel and kept sharing solid content that people could use based on her experience. As a result, she has transitioned into a coach and an educationist through her courses and programs, where she provides them with the knowledge to get to their first deal and teaches them the mindset to get there quicker, enriching every other area of their life as well.

What has kept her real in the world of real estate is her focus on mindset and energy as part of her program. Her initial journey had her face many downs because she realized her energy was not aligned with what she wanted to create. However, after realizing the true value and power of energy, she shifted her energy to abundance, and since then has been creating abundance in her life, where she also had her first multiple 5 figure month. Jennifer West-Granahan wants people to know that they can hustle 24/7, but only if their energy is aligned, they can create abundance in life.

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