How Neel Dhingra Helps Real Estate Professionals Establish A Personal Brand

All accomplishments are born of risk, wisdom from experience, and a steely determination. Without one of these, success wouldn’t be as assured and as sweet. Speaker Neel Dhingra can definitely attest to this.

Running a business isn’t always an easy ride, and more often than not, things can get fairly rocky. Especially in specific business areas, like content marketing and real estate, circumstances can be very challenging. Being able to deal with competition and excel is one factor why some companies don’t thrive. Another factor is the drive of an individual to overcome temporary failures.

Neel Dhingra can relate to these facts through his own life struggles. From a young age, Neel was a driven individual who saw things from a different perspective. He met challenges head-on and he was not a quitter even in his youth. He believes that taking risks leads to a more lucrative career than playing it safe.

Neel hails from Reno, NV a small, but rapidly growing city where he was raised, and educated. He ended up in the mortgage and real estate industry by accident. Despite the slim chances of making it big in a difficult industry, this didn’t stop him. Anybody reading his online profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and his website can see just what he has accomplished.

Today he is one of the country’s top industry leaders and shares his wisdom with those in his field and those wishing to enter the industry. He sees sharing his experiences in the real estate and the mortgage business as the perfect way to teach entrepreneurs and others how to be successful. Helping others improve their personal brands is his motivating factor right now.

During his years in the business, he has been through thousands of failures. For starters, he encountered numerous difficulties when he was building his personal brand. Content and video marketing were two new fields that he felt he had to learn in order to compete with other realtors. He mastered both and is now among the top real estate names in the industry.

Neel Dhingra is a force to be reckoned with within the industry. In a matter of only three years, he was able to skyrocket to the top of the mortgage side of the business. So how exactly did Neel achieve such a feat so fast? The answer is simple: he stayed on the positive side of things and was willing to accept defeat, albeit temporarily.

Over the years, his vast experience in content marketing has pushed him to become a spokesperson for real-estate professionals. As a speaker for several industry events, Neel has been fortunate to be given a voice. He now has the chance to reach out to a broader audience. In this way, he can inspire others to grow, career-wise and personality-wise, through sharing his experiences.

He has proven to be an influential speaker and has imparted his wisdom to others and is an inspiration to those who take his advice and use it to find success. Neel Dhingra has the expertise and the motivation to propel fellow professionals to the top with their personal brands.

Written in partnership with Ascend