DeezNuts Coin Collaborates With Trust Wallet – And Explains Plans For Metaverse

The project was launched earlier this year to raise funds for Cancer Research. Half a year into the venture and the DeezNuts coin has raised over $100,000 from their community towards numerous cancer research foundations. With the backing of numerous celebrities.

These include the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Testicular Cancer Society, Kids Cancer Foundation, Pancreatic Cancer Network, Jane McGrath Foundation supporting breast cancer, and also The Mark Hughes Foundation supporting Brain Cancer.

Big Steps!

DeezNuts And Trust Wallet announce their collaboration to celebrate the launch of their Metaverse NFTs. Trust Wallet, currently probably the most reputable crypto wallet in the world, is giving away 10 BNB and 3 NFTs with DeezNuts.

The project was launched in spring 2021 and after successful kickstart, the organization behind the charity cryptocurrency continued innovation in the NFT space with the launch of their Flappy Sack NFTs. Those can be used in an upcoming virtual ‘play-to-earn’ game in a metaverse called “Flappy Sack” – a game inspired by the Flappy Bird game downloaded by millions of people around the world.

Flappy Sack is based on a play-to-earn concept and currently has the alpha version available. DeezNuts are doing an exemplary job at translating the abstract character of the virtual into real life. Means: Those who are amongst the few to get their hands on a Flappy Sack NFT will join the DeezNuts team on an all-inclusive trip to Bali, meeting celebrities and creators for an absolute bucket-list experience.

Suddenly, the perspective of holding an NFT becomes a lot more interesting for a wider audience.

The Right Purpose Will Bring Success

Options and alternatives to the big currencies are endless these days. So what makes a successful one? In the case of the DeezNuts coin, it’s surely the charity purpose. The contribution to cancer research is remarkable and convinced plenty of celebrities such as NFL players to publicly endorse the coin. Besides the purpose, they created a place for entrepreneurs to network, a community. For many investors, the investment was a formality to become part of the community that offers a network of education and possible business partners, maybe even friendships. Again, it’s the translation of virtual habits into real life that seems to convince people, which is refreshing to see.

With its constant innovation and adaption, the NFT and crypto space is exciting to watch. The cancer research-focused DeezNuts coin is one of the organizations that works on the front foot of the field and makes an exciting example.

Written in partnership with Ascend