Still I Rise: How Rebel Noir Is Changing The Rules For Fashion

Rebel Noir Clothing Co is a rapidly growing fashion label based out of New York City. It’s a brand where impact meets lifestyle. Noir is the French word for black, with Rebel Noir representing the concept of a “black rebel.”

The brand was launched in 2020 and has already become a rallying cry for a generation battling the systemic issues of racial and socioeconomic inequality that have resurfaced in the American consciousness.

Rebel Noir prioritizes elements of cultural expression, self-belief, and the rejection of status quos.

Rebel Noir: How It All Started

The concept of Rebel Noir Clothing Co was developed by George Wilson and Kofi Ofori-Ansah. George hails from Cleveland, OH while Kofi is a native of Harlem, NY. In overcoming societal obstacles, they both found themselves in the Ivy League (Cornell University) where they first met in 2004. Upon graduation, they both moved to New York City and have achieved their share of individual success. Kofi is a two-time Emmy Award-winning media professional while George is an accomplished business executive in the entertainment industry.

At the height of the social injustice and unrest that took place during the summer of 2020, George and Kofi decided to act. George came up with the initial concept of Rebel Noir and later on reached out to Kofi for help with the brand’s visual identity and storytelling. The enthusiasm for pushing the brand’s message to the masses led the two to partner officially.

“I was angry…sad…frustrated…I had so many emotions that stemmed from everything we experienced and had to overcome during 2020 and beyond” said George. “Those emotions compounded into creative energy – and before I knew it, we had Rebel Noir”

Kofi and George identified a demand whereby people were searching for a symbol that embodies the beauty in the struggle that oftentimes encapsulates the Black experience in America. Allies of equality also desired a way to show their support. The resulting product was Rebel Noir Clothing Co.

“Even if no one purchased a single thing from, we would have been content because we stayed true to ourselves and our message,” said Kofi. “We built something that allows us to express ourselves, our cultural perspectives, and that of our communities…and thankfully that message resonates with a lot of people.”

What started out as an idea has now amassed into a global operation. To date, Rebel Noir is a ten-person staff (and growing) and has fulfilled thousands of orders both domestically and internationally. While George is less involved in the day-to-day operations, the Rebel Noir team refers to him as “The Chairman” and he is viewed as the keeper of the brand ethos. The Rebel team refers to Kofi as “The Mastermind” because he is the creative visionary responsible for bringing the brand to life. Rebel Noir has quickly resonated with so many due to Kofi’s ability to interpret the brand message into visual artistry for all audiences to enjoy.

Rebel Noir: Impact + Lifestyle

Rebel Noir Clothing Co is a lifestyle apparel brand that focuses on self-expression through fashion. Rebel Noir was founded by Black Rebels who, throughout their lives, have gone against the grain to achieve and rise when faced with adversity. Rebel Noir represents progress despite circumstances. It’s about overcoming societal obstacles and still rising to the top. Rebel Noir states that the company’s purpose is: To support the collective advancement of the Black experience in American society and to provide a channel of self-expression that allows an individual to communicate without words. Each week, Rebel Noir highlights other black-owned businesses (across a myriad of industries) on Instagram (@rebelnoirclothing). Rebel Noir provides an amazing apparel collection that allows people to show their support of the Black American experience either as a part of the culture or an ally. Rebel Noir also partners with non-profits to create exclusive limited-edition apparel. Revenue generated from these partnerships goes towards the non-profits.
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