Leo Olsen Guillot Shares His Tactics On Making A Million From His Startup

Written in partnership with Brand News

Photo Credit: Leo Olsen Guillot

Hard work is the first step to achieving financial freedom. No one will make you a shortcut to success. Every millionaire you see will have some story about their struggles. The inspiration comes from those struggles and their abilities to overcome them. Leo Olsen Guillot is one of those millionaires who made it big sheerly out of his determination, hard work, and honesty.

Leo is also the founder of Olsen Media. He managed to make his first million when he was only 19. It’s surprising when you hear that a 19-year-old making a million when others take decades to reach half that figure. How did he do it? Leo shares his mind-blowing tactics.

Using social media

Social media was and still is instrumental to Leo’s success. According to Leo, “Millennial entrepreneurs should leverage social media as their primary platform to promote their businesses. When I started, I did not have money to invest in different promotional channels. I aimed to improve brand loyalty, reduce operation costs, increase brand recognition, improve customer insight, and offer a satisfying customer experience.  The only marketing strategy that I thought would fit my demands was social media. 

One reason why I feel every startup should at least try social media marketing is it allows you to access your clients throughout the day. You have a chance to offer personalized ads. It’s not like the ads you see on TV that appear anyway, even if you don’t like them. Facebook makes things personal. And that’s the space you should target if you want to see a quick surge in sales.”

Manipulating consumer behavior

What does your target audience think about your products or services? How can you change the way they think positively? Leo feels that you are halfway through to becoming a successful entrepreneur once you find the answer to these two questions. But if you want to make an instant impact on your potential customer’s behavior, you must make the most of sales funnels. You must define the sales funnel to your target audience to manipulate their interest, awareness, and action.

Leo implemented a sales funnel strategy right before launching Mastermind.com. This allowed his business to take off sooner than expected, generating targeted leads due to his effective funnel strategies. He often recommends startup entrepreneurs to take time to study how sales funnels can work for their companies. “Accordingly, build a sales funnel that will compel your audience to not stay away from your product anymore and hit the buy button. You will notice a significant difference in your conversion rates. In fact, I was also able to scale my company’s growth and predict sales volumes.”

Most startups want to make immediate profits without going through the hard work. Leo suggests such entrepreneurs take a step back, think of the possible sale funnels strategies, and utilize social media to promote their brands. For Leo, these strategies made him a millionaire. Now, it’s up to you to decide what strategy you will take to get to that stage.