5 Ways to Feel Like LA Royalty at Copenhagen’s Hotel d’Angleterre



In Copenhagen, the Danish city made famous by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, it makes sense that there should be one place where every person who enters feels like they’re living their own fantasy. That place, in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, is the storied Hotel d’Angleterre. 

The d’Angleterre is hands-down the most opulent hotel any luxury traveler will find in Copenhagen, and one with the richest history. Opened in 1755, this neoclassic palace still retains much of its old-world, palatial history, while offering more than its fair share of modern amenities thanks to an extensive remodel that many refer to as the most ambitious remodel in Danish history. The renovation involved gutting the building and starting from scratch, though, where possible, original details were spared, including fireplaces, Art Nouveau cornices, 100-year-old lamps and hotel corridors wide enough for ladies in crinolines to glide past each other. The demolition of false ceilings installed during the misguided modernizations of the 1950’s and 1960’s revealed long-forgotten detailing, including the dome over the hotel entrance, which is now, in its reincarnation, resplendent in white and gold.

But before we go into the reasons why this hotel should be part of your present, a few words about its past. In 1755, Jean Marchal, a young French servant who in the royal Danish Court, fell in love with Marie Coppy, daughter of the chef of the royal palace in Copenhagen. The passionate young couple decided to share their love for each other in a Like Water for Chocolate kind of way, and poured their romance into food that they presented to His Majesty King Frederik V of Denmark. Eventually, the young couple established a restaurant where they could serve the aristocracy, and thus the legend of the d’Angleterre (meaning “from England”) was born.

But it isn’t just royals—or those in their circle—who enjoy this haute hotel. Its ambiance, opulence and location—it’s ideally situated next to the Royal Danish Theatre on the Kongens Nytorv Square in the heart of Copenhagen and connected to the famous pedestrian shopping street Strøget—make it the ideal destination for any luxury enthusiast. Here are five reasons how every Beverly Hills babe or luxury loving Angeleno can feel like royalty should you stay at this haute Danish hotel.

Royal Suite
Royal Suite
  1. WHAT’S IN A NAME? EVERYTHING. As its name implies, the Royal Suite is a place that will make you feel like a king (or queen) and offers everything you could hope for. The nearly 500 square foot suite is about as lavish as it gets: think gilded paneling, plush carpeting and grand chandeliers, which add to its palatial character. From the grand balcony, there is a stunning view of the old Kongens Nytorv square, along with the beautiful Royal Theatre and the iconic Nyhavn (you know, that image you always see on postcards of boats on a canal that, quite impossibly, looks even more majestic in person). Honestly, you could get lost in the Royal Suite thanks to its grand en-suite bathroom, a stately living room, a private dining room that can fit up to 10 dinner guests and a spacious balcony with stellar views of the entire city. Have a cup of tea or a glass of bubbly here at sunset (which could be at 10 pm during the summer solstice) and just enjoy the view. Plus, those who stay in this suite staying are offered complimentary airport transfers and are gifted with a slew of offerings from fresh fruit to homemade chocolate to a bottle of house Champagne (which just so happens to be Pol Roger). To accommodate additional guests, the Royal Suite can soon be combined with the rest of the first floor towards Kongens Nytorv, transforming it into a 4,305-square-foot, suite and the biggest presidential suite in Copenhagen. It’s a place to relax, enjoy a bubble bath, draw your blackout curtains, set your individually controlled climate system and just chill—in style. If the Royal Suite or nearby d’Angleterre Suite is booked by a politician or celebrity (seriously this is where they all stay when in town) each of the 90 rooms and 60 suites is different, with its own personal character (though they all do offer washlet, self-flush toilets), free, Wi-Fi and Denmark’s state-of-the-art-defining Bang & Olufsen screens, remotes and sound systems. We highly recommend the Karen Blixen Suite, a room which pays homage to the Danish woman whose story was told in the Oscar-winning movie Out of Africa. Expect to find Art Nouveau woods and Edwardian net curtains, giraffe quilts, zebra-inspired chair covers and a leopard-clad couch. We also adore the Harry Potter-esque, secret attic feel of room 511. It’s cozy, comfortable and like a home away from home.
  2. BE BUBBLY. If champagne is the name of your game, you’re going to need to hit up Balthazar Champagne Bar. It is the first of its kind in Copenhagen, with bottles of Dom Perignon on display, though there are an additional 159 types of champagne served on premises. Order up a bottle or 10 and prepare to let loose, though we should let you know that this hot spot doesn’t truly get kicking until darkness hits, which, in summertime, can be late. Night owls with luxury tastes, this is your jam.
  3. MICHELIN STARRED MAGNIFICENCE. How many hotels can claim that their restaurant offers a Michelin starred eatery? Not many, we’ll tell you. The hotel’s signature eatery, Marchal (named as such for the French barber who opened his restaurant there in 1755 with his wife) offers an ambient atmosphere with distinctive, unusual flavors masterminded by Chef Andreas Bagh. Start your meal with a glass of Billecart-Salmon and gold caviar before moving on to Gillardeau oysters with cucumer, lemon grass and lime, Australian winter truffles with new potatoes and parmesan and finish strong with a truffle sauce-laden monkfish.
  4. THE ART PART. You’ll enjoy your firstwow” moment immediately upon entering the hotel as you come face to face with comes in the lobby, as guests come face to face with an original Winterhalter of young Queen Victoria. You’ll also find a limited edition of Andy Warhol’s silkscreen portrait of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. And throughout the public spaces and in every room and suite is an array of paintings, lithographs, watercolors and prints by leading Danish artists. It is a massive collection, curated by noted collector Arne Wulff, and funded by the Remmen Foundation.
  5. AMAZING GRACE. On the hotel’s lower level you’ll find paradise in the Amazing Space Spa, which offers a fully equipped fitness studio, crazy cool spa treatments and an aquamarine 2,000 square foot tile pool, which is easily the most glamorous hotel pool in Copenhagen. The products, like much else in this super green city, offers first class sustainable luxury skincare that is actually formulated and originates from Denmark. It is organic, great for your skin, and a great way to stay au natural. The treatments here are seriously cutting edge: there is face sculpting therapy, which offers a tissue massage of the 97 facial muscles to firm and tighten skin and reduce mimic wrinkles; a bio-lightening treatment that uses A.H.A, plant stem cell technology and Kojic acids evens out skin complexion and hyper pigmentation; deep body shaping, which uses connective tissue vacuum massage to combat cellulite. Reduces toxin build-up and tensions and combats myalgia and myositis; and Nordic Space, a treatment based on Nordic elements that includes a relaxing bath with sea salt, body wrap, warm Icelandic lava stone massage, arnica and rosehip oil and a rejuvenating facial.