How Cardtonic Changes Lives, One Gift Card At A Time

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

CardtonicPhoto Credit: CardtonicBitcoin arrived way back in 2009. No one had imagined that this cryptocurrency would become a significant player in the financial market. Ago in 2010, one person used 10,000 BTC to buy a couple of boxes of pizza. The scenario has changed drastically over the years. Bitcoin is now more popular than ever, with its price increasing by over 900 million percent. Today, 10,000 BTC is equivalent to $380 million. Just imagine the kind of life you can lead with such a staggering amount. Fascinating how the change in price works wonders, doesn’t it?

Imagine you could register on a platform that would allow you to redeem your Bitcoin gift cards at the best rates. You would immediately earn a lump sum amount that you can transfer to your bank instantly. That platform is Cardtonic. This is one of the most reliable online gift card exchange platforms operating in Nigeria, where you can exchange your steam gift cards to collecting Bitcoins that convert to Naira at the best rates.

The lifestyle you can lead using Bitcoins

Many people say that investing in Bitcoins is risky because the crypto industry is a volatile market. True enough. Some people became bankrupt after investing in Bitcoins. But the trick is to understand how the market works. You cannot blindly invest in any coin and expect it to provide high returns. That’s where you make the first blunder in investing in cryptocurrencies.

Veteran traders advise that you must study the market before you invest even a penny. If you invest at the right time, you can become the owner of a four-floor luxury private villa for just 829 BTC. Earlier in 2017, a Bitcoin investor bought this type of property in Switzerland for the said amount. Now imagine the 10,000 BTC that another investor used in 2010 to buy two boxes of pizzas. See how the game changes within a short period?

Using your gift cards

Suppose someone gifts you a steam gift card on your birthday. But you don’t have a trading app to use it. Does that mean the gift card is useless? No, it’s not. Cardtonic allows you to exchange your gift cards at the best rates within a few minutes. How do you benefit from it? You can exchange your Bitcoins for Naira and transfer the accumulated amount in your online wallet directly to your bank.

Nigerians often don’t get the best Bitcoins rates because other gift card exchange platforms don’t have stand-alone apps. But Cardtonic isn’t like those platforms. It has a built-in converter that shows the latest rates of Bitcoins within seconds. What do you do next? You wait for the right time to sell Bitcoins. The moment you see a surge in its price, you sell your gift cards. Isn’t that an easy way to make a handsome amount of cash?

Once you get used to selling gift cards, you can plan your expenses around it. You can even consider buying new cars or even a new house if you accumulate enough money by converting your Bitcoins into Naira. Therefore, start using Cardtonic today to see how Bitcoins can change your lifestyle for the better.