How Dor Eckstein Transforms Your Body With His Innovative Fitness Techniques

Dor EcksteinPhoto Credit: Dor Eckstein

Written in partnership with DN News Desk 

Don’t you feel jealous when your friends show off their six-pack abs? You might be the only one in your group with a flabby physique. Every time you search the internet for exercises, you can’t figure out which one to start with. Moreover, you feel restless when it comes to losing weight. You wish for an overnight transformation so that even you can show off to your friends. But deep down, you know that’s not going to happen.

Dor Eckstein, a fitness guru from Israel, faced a similar situation when he was a teenager. He came from a family with several overweight members. And even Dor was overweight until age 15. But one day, he decided to turn things around and lead a healthy life. Since then, he has not stopped working out and learning about fitness and nutrition. Today, he is one of Israel’s best fitness instructors, with more than 9,000 happy clients.

Body transformation process with Dor Eckstein

Dor doesn’t just limit his clients to Israel. You can connect with him from any corner of the world via face to face video call. Alternatively, you can visit his clinic in Tel Aviv to have a detailed conversation about what type of transformation you want and the approximate time to achieve that goal.

Dor prefers his clients to open up about their lifestyle and daily habits. This helps him understand why your physique is not in proper shape. You can also tell him about your past experiences at your gym or with another fitness instructor. Make sure you share information about what you like to eat and your average workout duration every day.

The next stage involves Dor examining your metabolic rate, fat percentage and body types. This gives him enough information about the type of training program and nutrition menu your body needs.

The entire process consists of six sessions. This means you will need to come back after a month to share your progress. It will give Dor an idea of the changes he needs to make in your nutrition menu and workout sessions to help you achieve the physique you are looking for. If you follow Dor’s instructions religiously, you will notice a positive change within a few weeks.

Body transformation method

Dor isn’t a professional bodybuilder. He is more into fitness and nutrition, which, according to him, keeps you healthy and fit for years. Dor wouldn’t give you crazy diets or hours of workout sessions, which do nothing other than tire you out day after day. Instead, his fitness mantra involves two to three satisfying meals every day. He doesn’t believe in eating in bits and parts throughout the day to satisfy your hunger pangs.

In addition to two to three meals, you should also workout at least two to three times every week. Don’t just focus on aerobics. Dor recommends strength training, as well. That should not only make you lean and slim but also muscular and robust.

Dor understands the body type of his clients thoroughly. And that allows him to provide personalized training instructions that best fits their needs.