Motivational speaker Mike Luzio: “I founded The LVE Group To Provide Entrepreneurs With Guidance, Resources And Growth Opportunities”

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Mike LuzioPhoto Credit: Mike Luzio

The global economy is continuing to reach new heights every decade, with small and large businesses alike driving this growth. Because of this, coaches and investors are more motivated than ever to set up ventures and back them up through funding. Some coaches even go beyond the call of duty and aid entrepreneurs in overcoming barriers, particularly those associated with lack of direction or availability of capital.

That’s precisely what serial entrepreneur Mike Luzio and his venture, the LVE Group, are doing by empowering entrepreneurs and offering high-performance coaching.

The Ohio native, who established the LVE Group in 2016, likes to characterize this process as something that involves partnering with clients of different scales – be it startups or large corporations – in a creative method that in turn stimulates them to maximize both their personal and professional growth. Through his management consulting company, Luzio offers services that range from speaking engagements, agency consulting, business consulting, all the way to angel investing. Luzio believes that business coaching is a distinct service and varies significantly from therapy, mentoring, consulting, or training.

On a day to day basis, Luzio spearheads business growth initiatives, develops strategic partnerships, and closes deals for the LVE Group. In his view, the LVE Group was established with the sole aim of providing an action-oriented and goal-directed coaching approach to make the dreams of many entrepreneurs become reality.

Mike LuzioPhoto Credit: Mike Luzio
As someone with over 20 years of experience, Luzio knows that by coaching entrepreneurs and backing them financially, they will become better equipped to face adversity head-on and truly witness success. He continues to say that entrepreneurs of today’s time particularly need a business coach – not just to seek direction but also for self-awareness and self-development.

Over the years, having managed hundreds of clients and helping scale their businesses to multi-million-dollar brands, Luzio explains how he fell in love with entrepreneurship. He has now developed a passion for empowering people who possess the vision and drive to build, grow, and expand their business. He states, “the LVE Group wasn’t established out of the blue, impulsively. The idea stemmed after I started, scaled, and sold my former venture, Industry Retail Group (IRG), for a valuation worth $50 million. The success of this exit deal gave birth to LVE, which I launched intending to help entrepreneurs and small businesses grow exponentially through high-performance coaching, capital investments, and networking opportunities. In my opinion, most business doers, more than anything else, seek access to third-party perspectives and experiences so that they can move past unproductive activities that do not lead them to their desired goals. When the lines get blurred, an institution like the LVE Group comes into play to help to see and redirect activities and expectations that are not likely to benefit the business or personal development of the founder.”