Dazzle With One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry From MAYORS’ Bespoke Services

MAYORS BespokePhoto Credit: MAYORS

Florida and Georgia-based fine jewelry and watch retailer MAYORS offers an unrivaled, bespoke jewelry concept, giving its customers the opportunity to bring their visions to life with the help of MAYORS’ award-winning designer, Bruno Dunlop.

Dunlop serves as an internationally-renowned artist, with his award-winning jewelry displayed around the world in locations ranging from Paris and Rome to London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Vienna, Basel, Singapore and Cape Town, as well as cities throughout the United States. He brings his 35 years of expertise plus keen cultural perspective to help MAYORS’ clients come up with truly special and unique pieces, working with them from start to finish.

MAYORS BespokePhoto Credit: MAYORS

The MAYORS’ Bespoke journey starts with inspiration, and turning your inspiration into a vision that will result in a bespoke piece of jewelry. The next step is concept development, where customers will get to experience a one-on-one appointment with Dunlop to sketch and design your dream jewelry piece. The next step will be the crafting of the piece, taking place in MAYORS’ in-house studio workshop. And finally, the completion, where customers will get to receive the gorgeous, finished product within just six-eight weeks time.

MAYORS BespokePhoto Credit: MAYORS

One of the most common services is utilizing the Bespoke journey for Bridal purposes—ranging from engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary gifts. The talented design team is able to use existing heirlooms to enhance its design or upgrade rings, all with your desired budget in mind. There’s no better way to say ‘I love you’ than gifting something that’s truly one of a kind and will represent memories to last a lifetime and beyond, passing them on to generations to come.

For more information on MAYORS’ Bespoke service, please visit mayors.com to set up an appointment.