How To Stay Connected While Apart During Quarantine

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As we adjust to our “new normal” daily lives, where social distancing is paramount in putting a stop to the global COVID-19 pandemic, individuals and companies around the world have had to get creative with finding new ways to connect with others while remaining apart. While human face-to-face interaction is not permitted during this time, there are still a handful of ways that you can still see and interact with others, thanks to all amazing sorts of technologies. Whether you’re looking to catch up with friends or family members, get a workout in, lead a business lecture or host a virtual event, our new digital age has you covered.

Below, we’re rounding up our top favorite methods of virtual communication that will help us stay connected during the quarantine:


If there’s one company that has seen an enormous surge during this time, it’s Zoom Video Communications—a remote conferencing service company based out of California that allows businesses and individuals to jump on a conference call or video chat, and even share screens. Zoom even has the capability to host hundreds or even thousands of people for web seminars, panels and digital events—Haute Media Group will be utilizing these capabilities coming up for its special, digital Haute Leaders: Game Changers series coming soon—keep posted for schedules and details on how to join via our social media channels (@hauteliving / @hauteresidence / @hautetime).


Google Hangout is another great tool to stay connected with friends or colleagues. Whether utilizing for business through messaging, simply hosting a “virtual happy hour” or catching up with groups of friends, Google Hangout has the ability to make it happen instantaneously. Get creative—you can even host virtual game nights with friends here, as well—the possibilities are endless.


Instagram and Facebook Live have become huge throughout this time of quarantine. DJ D-Nice started a new wave of Instagram Live “House Parties” as he kicked off the series with a nine-hour home DJ set called “Club Quarantine” that caught the attention of over 100K users, even drawing in celebrities/public figures like Michelle Obama to join in on the party. Since then, we’ve seen other celebrities connecting with their fans in a similar way as some musicians battle it out with their fellow “rivals” or join in on their friends’ live sessions to give the fans something to talk about — we’re looking at you, Rihanna, Drake and Kevin Durant.


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As you’re home binging your favorite Netflix shows, do it virtually together with your friends. During this time, Netflix has launched its newest feature—Netflix Party—where users can synch their Netflix account and video playback with other users, allowing them to watch the shows together and it even adds in a group chat where you can digest what is happening together. Long-distance movie nights are the new weekend trend!


Digital, at-home workouts have become essential for those in quarantine trying to keep themselves healthy and in shape. Not only is it good for your physical health, but it’s also essential for your mental health. Some of our favorites include ClassPass Live—which offers an array of different types of workouts that users can choose from ranging from 10-15 minutes to one hour for members—as well as Melissa Wood Health’s famed The MWH Method. Additionally, many local gyms are offering free classes to their members via streaming services or even Instagram Live, such as global fitness brand Equinox or Miami’s celebrity-favored fitness studio, Anatomy.



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We’ve seen this latest trend happening around the world—first in Italy, then Spain, and now it’s making its way throughout the U.S., in cities like New York, Miami, Boston and more. Whether you’re chanting or clapping in an ode to medical workers, or dancing the night away as a live DJ blasts music from his/her balcony for the neighbors to enjoy, we’re seeing a huge influx of neighbors coming together as they remain apart through the power of music.