Tommy Baldwin III: Global Leader In Superyacht Provisioning

Haute Secrets gets an inside take from Tommy Baldwin III, the founder and CEO of Shoreside Support at the 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Photo Credit: Tommy Baldwin III

Tommy has established what is one of the only provisioning companies able to seamlessly provide for yachts in all corners of the world. With bases in Miami, Monaco, New England and Spain, Baldwin and his team service over 200 yachts ranging from 50 meters to 180 meters in length.

The global reach of the company is what allows Shoreside to remain in constant contact with chefs around the world, regardless of where they are berthed. Baldwin ensures local representation in markets across all of the Americas, Europe and the Caribbean, providing a personal touch both on last-minute and extravagant requests, which are common for busy yachts.

Chefs depend on Tommy and Shoreside Support to provide unthinkable quality when it comes to top grade meats, caviar, produce, and the ocean’s finest seafoods. As a partner with Petrossian Caviar, Tommy is able to both educate and provide some of the world’s best varieties to yachts and their ultra-elite clientele.

Though a busy time for Baldwin, he sits down with us during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show to discuss his plans for expansion and also give an insider view into what it means to create a culinary experience onboard a superyacht.

Haute Living: What are culinary trends for the billionaires, royals, and celebrities onboard the yachts at FLIBS and around the globe?

Tommy: Petrossian caviar continues to be a top request for all of our clients, regardless of where they are in the world. True connoisseurs are pretty picky when it comes to caviar, so once they discover Petrossian, there’s no alternative. Our most sought after Petrossian caviar these days is the Special Reserve Ivoire, which is an ossetra from an Albino Sturgeon. It costs about $35,000 per kilogram, so it’s super rare and exclusive.

Wagyu beef continues to be a top seller, both Japanese and American. We’re lucky to work with Snake River Farms, a dedicated, family-owned operation. Our Snake River Farms American Wagyu program is the golden ticket for those seeking a local, American wagyu option. I’ve been to the farm several times and their practices of ensuring consistency. quality control, and flavor balance establishes the standard for premium American beef. We also provide exclusive 100% Japanese wagyu, which include, A5 Miyabe, Kagoshima, Miyazake, Kobe, Ozake Beef and more. This rich delicacy will always be popular amongst the world’s elite.

On a yacht, seafood is a top priority. We have a network of domestic and international suppliers to create what is our extensive seafood program. This includes imported seafood from Galicia, the famous Japanese Toyosu and Fukuoka market, locally harvested, Florida Keys Stone Crabs (a south Florida staple) and all other seafood and crustaceans you can imagine. Similar to the truffle craze spreading across the world, they remain a constant demand on yachts. It’s early white truffle season, and every yacht chef is waiting for the opportunity to create a dish with what’s considered white gold. We source them from Alba Italy, and they’re requested daily.

Plating and presentation is a top focus for all yacht chefs. They couldn’t do it without our locally supplied microgreens and edible flowers from Harpke Family Farms and Chef’s Gardens of Ohio.

Q: What’s the most unusual request you’ve ever had from a yacht?

A: I had to deliver solar eclipse glasses via helicopter to a yacht at anchor in Nantucket with 45 minutes notice.

Q: What’s the most unusual item you’ve ever been asked to source?

A: Yesterday, a chef asked me to find him Amazonian ant eggs for a dish.

Q: If you could have one meal cooked by the world’s best yacht chef, what would you order?

A: Chef Vitaly of Motor Yacht Ace showed me his caviar pizza when I was delivering to him— I can’t stop thinking about that at the moment.

Q: What’s your favorite yacht participating in FLIBS?

A: M/Y Madsummer and M/Y Phoenix II are my favorites this year.

Q: How do you explain your job to people who know nothing about the yachting industry?

A: If a yacht asks, they shall receive.

Q: What’s a can’t-miss dining experience during FLIBS?

A: Tom Jenkins BBQ in Fort Lauderdale.

Q: What culinary trend are you loving right now?

A: I’m loving the fermentation trend these days.

Q: What are your plans for Antigua yacht show?

A: Shoreside is sponsoring the yacht chef competition by providing them with Petrossian caviar to use in their first course. I’m going to be a judge and can’t wait to see what they create.

Q: What’s your insider tip for enjoying caviar?

A: Put it on everything.

Q: How do you like your wagyu prepared?

A: Any way I can get it… I always sneak away with some to grill at home.

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