Trina Turk Talks Fashion At 10th Anniversary Of Burlingame Store

Trina Turk

Photo Credit: Alexis Exstrom

Ten years ago, fashion designer Trina Turk opened her first—and only—boutique in the Bay Area and late last week Turk and her friends, clad in her sunny, colorful clothing, celebrated the anniversary of her Burlingame store. “My sister lives in the Bay Area, and she’s the reason why we have a store in Burlingame because she used to live in Burlingame,” Turk explained to Haute Living at the event. “I used to visit her all the time, and I would say, ‘Oh that street is so cute, maybe we should have a store there.’ So that’s how we ended up with a store here, and we’ve developed an excellent clientele.”

Trina Turk clothing

Photo Credit: Alexis Exstrom

Turk mixed and mingled with her loyal fans suggesting that they try a certain dress or romper and providing styling advice. Developing a relationship with shoppers is a huge part of her success in Burlingame. “People are much more comfortable shopping online, but what we found which I think is interesting is that some customers come into the store and use it like a showroom and then they go home and order online,” Turk says. “Other customers do the opposite. The clients have a relationship with a sales associate here, and that’s what it’s about. They would rather come in and interact with a human being, so, that’s what’s important in retail now.” The staff at the Burlingame boutique were incredibly friendly and engaging, and you got the sense that everyone wanted you—the client—to leave feeling confident and beautiful in your own skin.

Guests at the event

Photo Credit: Alexis Exstrom

Another thing that is crucial to Turk’s longevity in general? Having a strong brand identity. “You have to stand out from the crowd,” she says. “Which thankfully I think we do, we’re about prints and color, and optimism. That’s something that I think has served us well, having this definable identity.”

A dress by Trina Turk

Photo Credit: Alexis Exstrom

Although Turk’s designs are resort wear and not necessarily ideal for the Bay Area’s notoriously chilly weather, locals flock to the boutique for swimsuits, coverups, and pretty dresses they can wear while on vacation. Her latest collection channels that mentality. “We have just delivered our fantasy island collection, and it’s this idea of a summer getaway,” Turk says. “It’s about the idea of a colorful, fun, summertime getaway, or staying in town and wearing color.”

Instagram influencer Kat Ensign at the party

Photo Credit: Alexis Exstrom

Guests at the event sipped Veuve Clicquot and nibbled miniature bites of steak crostini, spinach and cheddar frittatas, and curried chicken lettuce wraps while shopping the latest looks. For summer, Turk recommends that every fashion lover should invest in a brightly-printed dress, a solid swimsuit and a caftan that can double as a bathing suit coverup during the day and a dress to wear out at night.

Truk and her friends and staff

Photo Credit: Alexis Exstrom

Turk understands that not all people are into color, but she encourages those who prefer neutrals to embrace brights in small doses. For example, why not pair a gray dress with a hot pink accessory? She recommends that those who are opposed to color to give it a try because it might just change their life. “If you can get somebody who’s not used to wearing color to wear color, people will respond to them differently,” she says. “I mean in a different positive way. I’ve seen that happen.”