David Grutman And David Einhorn To Launch Papi Steak Restaurant In SoFi

David Grutman and David Papi EinhornPhoto Credit: World Red Eye

If you follow Miami’s serial entrepreneur David Grutman on Instagram or any of his beloved hot spots throughout the city, chances are you’ve seen Komodo’s signature dish, the Papi Steak, on your feed. Since appearing on the Komodo menu located in downtown Miami, diners from all over have come to try the famed kosher steak themselves. And we must say, it unequivocally lives up to its hype. Due to the dish’s extreme popularity, Grutman and his close friend David “Papi” Einhorn—the creator of the Papi Steak—have decided to devote Groot Hospitality‘s next venture to the dish, launching the upcoming Papi Steak restaurant in Miami’s prestigious South of Fifth neighborhood.

The new restaurant is destined to be a hit, much like everything in Groot Hospitality’s quickly-expanding portfolio. Papi Steak will of course offer diners its token dish, but additionally will specialize in other steakhouse favorites at the beautiful, 93-seat modern steakhouse. Adding Groot Hospitality’s signature touch, the dining destination will offer the delicious cuisine in a hip and sexy environment, serving as the perfect destination to enjoy great food and drinks in a lively atmosphere.

On the opening of the new restaurant and the close friends’ newest partnership, Einhorn shares, “This all started when we would get together and BBQ in Miami. In an attempt to introduce some of my New York culture and heritage, I began grilling kosher steaks with my secret sauce for friends and family.”

“I love to host people and cook for them. I knew I was destined to open a restaurant someday, and we can’t wait to introduce this new and innovative steakhouse to Miami.”

The New York native’s steak is certainly one-of-a-kind. The impressive 32 oz. dry-aged bone-in ribeye is served at its best to a medium-rare perfection, seasoned with salt and the slight addition of his secret sauce for a kick. It’s so beloved that since introducing it to the exquisite Asian menu at Komodo, it quickly became a fan-favorite—so much so that the team felt it the perfect opportunity to give it its own home.

David GrutmanPhoto Credit: Nick Garcia

“Papi has become a beloved part of our Groot Family,” says Grutman. “With the popularity of the Papi Steak at Komodo, we knew this was a concept we wanted to be a part of. We aren’t looking to be just another steakhouse, we always look to do things different—embracing the flavors and cultures of Papi’s upbringing.”

Papi Steak will be debuting in Miami this summer in the beautiful South of Fifth neighborhood. It will be the first of many of Groot Hospitality’s new openings coming to the Magic City and beyond. Find out what else the power man has up his sleeve in Haute Living‘s exclusive cover story with the entrepreneur.