Fall Into A New Routine At These 7 NYC Fitness Studios

Fall is officially underway in New York City, which means people are looking to get back into their routine after an eventful summer – and with a new season, comes new fitness opportunities. Between new studio openings and revamped class formats from some of New York’s hottest studios, the options are endless this fall and we couldn’t be more excited to share them with you.


[solidcore]_3Photo Credit: [solidcore]

With 36 studio locations across the country, it’s about time this 50-minute intense and body changing workout came to New York City. [solidcore] is pilates [intensified], bootcamp [redefined], and resistance training like you’ve never experienced before. Through slow, deliberate movements based upon planks, squats or lunges and executed on the patented [sweatlana] machine, participants leverage spring cables for resistance (between 2 and 300 pounds) to strengthen the entire body through a series of controlled movements with quick transitions to ensure muscles maximum time under tension. Every muscle group is taken to muscle failure, and failure is success at [solidcore]. This workout combines multiple disciplines: the intensity of Crossfit without the high impact that can lead to injury; the use of body weight and spring loads to create just the right amount of resistance, as with TRX and Pilates; and the strengthening benefits of weight lifting without unsafe, improper form.

155 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011

JABS x Project By Equinox

IMG-0202Photo Credit: Project by Equinox

Don’t let the name fool you – you don’t have to be an Equinox member to take either of Gina DiNapoli‘s “feel yo-self” inspired workouts. The first , JABS x Tone, is done through a a kickboxing workout made up of mini routines that incorporate punches, kicks, and toning exercises with a medium set of dumbbells and medium-to-high number of reps. And to add to the intensity, 2/3 of the workout uses an exercise bench… Needless to say, plan your rest day to be the following day. She makes it fun at the end with some floor work and boxing drills, and won’t let you walk out of the studio without your abs in flames. The second class, JABS x Cardio, is a choreography-based workout utilizing 2lb or 3lb wrist weights. In both of her classes, you’re invited and encouraged to channel your inner bad-ass, get lost in your workout, let out any and all frustrations, and have so much fun and be so mentally focused that you forget you’re working out.

267 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012

Pure Reform at Pure Barre

PJW600-PURE-BARRE-01079Photo Credit: Pure Barre

Pure Barre recently launched a new resistance-based workout called Pure Reform that will complement the studio’s Pure Barre Classic and Pure Empower classes for full cross-training benefits under one roof. Pure Reform targets, shapes and defines all major muscle groups through resistance-based training. This new class offers a unique blend of strength, sculpting and balance training in just 50 minutes, merging Pure Barre Classic positioning and movements with resistance bands and slides to burn more calories, increase muscular strength and improve balance and coordination. The class will focus on alignment and intentional movement, with a musically-driven, energetic and fun emphasis.

Multiple Locations


Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 11.44.09 AMPhoto Credit: BODYROK

If you mixed together Pilates and a reformer machine, the result would be the experience known as BODYROK. This full body 40-minute workout is designed to improve energy levels and fuel the metabolism all while sculpting and defining the body. Each class is specifically taught to the sound of the beat of the music. Prepare to push your limits through hybrid pilates sequences that will have you planing, lunging, squeezing, piking, and jumping to define and tone your entire body.

10 W 18th Street, Floor 2, New York, NY 10011


44062993_712154429142199_8849481943893409792_nPhoto Credit: BRRRN

While heat based workouts are abundant in NYC, BRRRN is hitting the other end of the spectrum with three 50-minute workouts done in rooms set at 60-degree temperatures or below. Why the cold? In short, when you exercise in cooler temperatures, you optimize the fitness experience because you burn more calories than in ambient or hot, you burn fat, you can grow a tolerance to cold, and cooler temperatures provide the optimal temperature for working out – heat can limit your body’s ability to perform at its best.

The first workout, FLOW, is a yoga inspired mobility and strength series that features dynamic-yogic movement patterns fused with breath-focused, mobility, and meditative exercises to strengthen, lengthen, and better align the mind-body connection. The class is set in a 60-degree room but finishes with a dose of well-deserved heat from the overhead infrared panels in the studio.

The second class, SLIDE, is a core and cardio slide board circuit based class that is focused on core and total body conditioning in a 55-degree room. The slide board is utilized as a means to improve balance, mobility, sculpt legs (with an emphasis on the glutes), strengthen inner thighs, improve core strength and overall muscular endurance, Their third and final class, HIT, is a battle rope infused high impact class that combines both dumbbell circuit training with battle rope exercises to improve overall strength and conditioning. Set in a 45-degree room, BRRRN encourages participants to wear light layers.

107 W 20th St, New York, NY 10011


M9B2070-700x421Photo Credit: NEO U

NEO U is newest fitness hub to hit New York City and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen in the city thus far. Whereas traditional boutique fitness studios typically feature one or two studios, NEO U is taking things up a notch with its all encompassing facility that boats three workout studios (perfect for boxing, yoga, bootcamp, etc), a NEO Cafe, world class amenities, and ample space to relax or work remotely before or after work outs. Regardless of fitness level, there is something for every type of person at NEO U. Can’t make it to the studio? No problem, NEO U just launched their platform that brings the best of all types of fitness and trainers to anyone in the world, at any time.

420 5th Ave, New York, NY 10018

Flyfit at Flywheel Sports

FlyfitPhoto Credit: Flywheel Sports

FlyFit is a new part of Flywheel’s Precision Training, expanding Flywheel’s offerings beyond the wheel as a part of the new phase of the beloved brand. Functional Intense Training (FlyFit) includes using weights and high intensity cardio sprints – not running but instead, really short spurts of cardio. There are five different types of FlyFit classes: Total Body, Upper Body Focus, Upper Body, Lower Body and Core. Total Body and Upper Body Focus are offered in-studio and Total Body, Upper Body, Lower Body and Core are offered digitally On Demand.

Multiple Locations