Laura Bell Bundy On Joining The Slay Team & How She Crushes It On A Daily Basis

CrushinIt_LBBundy-3603Photo Credit: Lauren Elisabeth Photography

What happens when five of Hollywood’s fiercest femmes decide to join forces? They slay. Laura Bell Bundy, along with Elizabeth Banks, Cecily Strong, Phoebe Robinson and Chrissie Fit—dubbed The Slay Team – released Crushin’ It, a song and music video in celebration of Barefoot wine’s five new spritzer flavors, which debut this summer. In the video, each woman personifies one flavor apiece—Rosé, Summer Red, Moscato, Red Sangria or Crisp White—by putting a spin on celebrating life’s victories big and small.

In the music video produced by Haven Entertainment, this five-star crew discovers that no matter the circumstances around them, they are Crushin’ It just by living their best lives and persevering through any situation thrown their way. The light-hearted and liberating anthem hails individuality and personal strength, encouraging listeners to believe in their ability to succeed.

We chatted with Broadway star Bundy, who is best known being the original Amber Von Tussle in Hairspray, the original Elle Woods in the musical version of Legally Blonde and Dr. Jordan Denby on television’s Anger Management about working with four fierce females, how she crushes it on a daily basis, and why wine is necessary for well-being.

Cecily Strong, Elizabeth Banks, Phoebe Robinson, Chrissie Fit and Laura Bell Bundy

Photo Credit: Lauren Elisabeth Photography

What is Crushin’ It about? What does it embody?

This rising generation of young women is confident. They are their own cheerleaders, but they are also incredibly self-aware of their shortcomings. They are delightfully honest and self-deprecating… They believe they can do anything — even though they just might not be doing it YET. There is not anything they won’t at least try. They are Crushing it.

“Crushing it” is a phrase that my friends and I use to imply “job well done” but it is also a self-deprecating, sarcastic way to make fun of ourselves. Like when I go to the grocery store after a full day at work, get everything on my list, organic grass fed, and at the best price but walk outside and drop my carton of eggs all over my new silk shirt… “I am crushing it.”

The song shows young women taking on the mundane or frustrating tasks and jobs in their lives, but they have bigger goals and dreams. Then they drink their “power juice” in a Barefoot Spritzer can— like Popeye eating his spinach – then the fun begins, and they come into their full power! The Barefoot Spritzer coming in a crushable can, inspired the title “Crushin It.”

It embodies the notion that while girls just want to have fun, they can also do anything they set their minds to. We are crushing life! This is our time!

How did you become involved in the project and working with Barefoot?

Our Brilliant producer, Rachel Miller, knew my songwriting and suggested me for the song. I came up with a few concepts and they picked one!

What flavor are you portraying? Can you tell me more about her? Why is it a fit?

My flavor is “Crisp White.” Well, I LOVE white wine! Love it. So that is a perfect fit. My character is a detail-oriented wedding planner. A struggling low rent one at first and then she becomes a high end one. I was a crazy Type A, detail-oriented bride. I am also detail oriented in my job… not so much in my life. I am more “go with the flow” outside of work.

The Slay Team
The Slay Team

Photo Credit: Lauren Elisabeth Photography

What was is like working with the rest of the cast (Elizabeth Banks, Cecily Strong, Phoebe Robinson, Chrissie Fit)? What flavors are they portraying? Who are you closest to? Who do you admire the most?

Elizabeth Banks plays the real estate mogul and her wine flavor is rosé. Chrissie Fit plays the animal veterinarian and her flavor is red sangria. Cecily Strong plays the advertising boss and her flavor is summer red, Phoebe Robinson plays environmentalist and her flavor is moscato. We call ourselves the SLAY TEAM.

We had so much fun together. They are each so talented and taking on entertainment in their own unique way. We got to know each other in the process and by the end it really felt like a crew. I laughed a lot. When I recorded Elizabeth and Cecily, their adlibs were so funny, I think I peed on myself a little.

I admire all these women in equal measure… They are fully empowered and taking on life. Glad to have forged our friendship.

In life, would you say you’re “Crushin It?” How if so, specifically?

I think I am crushing all the time. But, maybe I am crushing it 50% of the time. But, you are what you think, right?

You just signed on to star in “Sweet Charity.” What else do you have coming up?

I am writing and producing a show for Netflix.

Finish this sentence. Wine is…

…my free pass.