Antonio And Sasha Gates Share Tips On How To Keep Your Marriage Fresh

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It was love at first sight when model and musician Sasha Gates met Antonio Gates, NFL record-holder, 8x Pro Bowler and 15-season veteran with the LA Chargers in  2007. They were married a few years later in July of 2011 at the breathtaking Grand Del Mar in San Diego, California surrounded by family and friends. But as happy as the two are, marriage takes work. Now that Sasha, was just wrapped E!’s WAGS, she’s 100% focused on raising her and Antonio’s two beautiful children, Ayla and Aven, as well as pursuing her music career, while Antonio—one of the best tight ends in the history of the NFL—who closed out 2017 with the Chargers, focuses on charitable pursuits. Here, the two, who just bought a new home in Encino, discuss how to make a marriage work with fluctuating schedules, children and everything in between.


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  • Remember the things you used to do when you first started dating, and how it made each of you feel. Put on a nice outfit, do your makeup and feel sexy for your man. When you’re confident and feel good, he will too!
  • Take a break from tradition – do something spontaneous and totally out of the ordinary! If you always spend Friday nights home on the couch, plan and surprise date night with a fun activity.
  • Plan a stay-cation. Find a swanky, nice hotel nearby and get a room for the night. Spend time enjoying each other’s company without the hassle of traveling.
  • Phone-free mornings, or evenings. Dedicate breakfast hour or evening dinner to 100% phone-free time. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes in communication and quality time!
  • Make out like teenagers! Have a little fun, but save the rest for later! There’s something exciting and spontaneous about a quick make out sesh!


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  • Kid free dates! Take some time for just the two of you, without any distractions.
  • Listen to the little things, and turn it into a surprise. If she says she loves pink roses, have them delivered on a random afternoon, and meet her back home with a good bottle of wine.
  • Avoid monotony and try new things – new experiences. Once a month, plan to do something you’ve never done before, like try a new restaurant, new hike, new spa.
  • Improve together – learning new things together and seeing each other grow is so romantic.
  • Embrace actives the other enjoys, even if its not your favorite.