Dance Sensation Amanda Kloots Shares How She Keeps Herself Motivated And Tips To Starting Your Own Business

Amanda KlootsPhoto Credit: Simon SoongIf you’re a workout guru, chances are you’ve seen former Broadway dancer Amanda Kloots and her upbeat dance combinations on your social media feeds. Hailing from Ohio, the dancing queen has grown a loyal following for her fun, high-intensity workout classes. She originally developed the jump rope method, which she became famous for, after years of trying different ways to stay in shape. She soon realized it was an extremely effective way to get a full body workout in, and crafted the perfect way to utilize the tool in any workout setting. The celebrity-favorite dance classes incorporate a mix of dance and cross training that is sure to leave you sweating, tired, but feeling inspired and optimistic by the end of the session. She offers group fitness classes or private training sessions, based out of NYC. But lucky for us, we got to chat with her while she was in town for Miami’s second annual weekend-long fitness event—The Retreat—powered by Mini Cooper and FUNKSHION Miami, in the illustrious Miami Design District. Here, she shares her secrets on staying motivated and positive, her favorite parts of the job and her best advice on starting your own business.

HL: How has social media had an impact on your business?

AK: It’s had a huge impact! I couldn’t have my business without social media, pretty much. It’s really the No. 1 tool of how to get everyone in the know of what I’m doing, where I am, what’s coming next, what should I do next through stories, etc.—it’s everything! It takes up a lot of time, but it’s life these days. You can grow your brand and have a business because of your following and what you do on social media.

HL: How did you come up with the idea for the class?

AK: I grew up dancing, I was a Broadway performer and a Radio City Rockette, so I’ve danced my whole life. I was teaching dance/fitness at another studio and I always wanted to do a dance class where it was all dancing, and not taking any breaks in between for legs, squats, anything—just pure dancing. I like to say my class is a combination of Jane Fonda and Britney Spears. It’s fun, easy to follow, and has a little bit of sass. I put it together that way and I love what it’s turned into!

Amanda KlootsPhoto Credit: Simon Soong

HL: Favorite part of the job?

AK: Whether I’m traveling or whether I’m in New York City, it’s teaching a class. I love when I get in front of a group of people and teach them—if I can offer any insight to anyone and help them live a healthier lifestyle, it’s awesome to me.

HL: You have such a contagious, upbeat energy. How do you keep that going all the time?

AK: I try to maintain a healthy outlook on life. I said it before I started class [today]—we are so lucky to be able to move our bodies. The minute you have an injury, and you can’t move your body, you realize how lucky you were. I try to focus every day on that—all the blessings that we have—it’s a beautiful thing.

HL: On days where you’re feeling down or lethargic, what motivates you?

AK: A couple of things: I think to myself that I’m lucky to be a business owner, and I also know that it’s my responsibility to go into a room and give my clients the best class that I can do. It’s different if you’re a client coming to a class and you don’t have motivation. To them, I say, try to find a class that you love—that it’s not a chore to go to. Then, it’s like your reward for the day. Find something that makes you feel good and happy!

HL: Greatest piece of advice for someone who’s starting their own business just as you did?

AK: Ask for help—there’s a lot of pressure when people start their own business they may think, “me, me, me…I have to do it on my own because it’s my business,” but no—ask for help! I could not have done what I’ve done so far without the help that people have given me and it’s okay to ask for it—this is something that you have to be reminded about because you can get caught up in the process. There’s always someone in your life who can make a difference. And of course, if they’re giving to you, give back.

Amanda KlootsPhoto Credit: Simon Soong

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