On The 7th Anniversary Of Absinthe Las Vegas It’s Good To Be The Gazillionaire

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It may have been moments after the cake was cut on May 7. Or maybe it was 12 hours later than that. Even The Gazillionaire himself admits “It’s all a cocaine, Champagne blur.”

But at some point following The Gazillionaire’s Gala of Gluttony, a one-night-only dinner theatre celebration for the seventh anniversary of Spiegelworld’s Absinthe at Caesars Palace, there may or may not have been a wrestling match between the show’s eccentric host and an infamous casino mogul.

“Steve Wynn shows up, just uninvited, and his shirt was off and I took my shirt off and … somebody, I don’t remember who, probably one of the jugglers, covered us both in Vaseline and we started wrestling,” The Gazillionaire insists during a telephone interview. “It was just animal on animal, just flesh ripping apart and just the heat and the sweat of two grown men just throwing their Vaseline-covered bodies against one another.”

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Whether or not you believe the shady account of greased-up events from an often-described snake-oil salesman, you’ll be surprised to find it still somewhat pales in comparison to the rest of his undeniable day.

For starters, May 7 was officially declared “Absinthe Day” and the Las Vegas Strip was temporarily renamed “Gazillionaire Blvd” during an afternoon ceremony in front of Caesars Palace. Clark County Commissioner Lawrence Weekly even presented the Absinthe impresario with his very own namesake street sign and a key to the Strip.

He appeared nonchalant at the time, but privately admits it’s pretty epic, though he takes issue with the “temporary” part. As far as he’s concerned, “It’s Gazillionaire Blvd. now until the end of time.”

Gaz was joined at the confetti-filled ceremony by two well-dressed bodyguards and his devoted assistant, Wanda Widdles (who last year on National Bosses Day petitioned the county to rename a forgotten cul-de-sac as Gazillionaire Court). Sadly, despite her devotion, Gaz told Haute Living last year that his favorite place in Las Vegas is anywhere that Wanda is not.

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Later that evening, a pumped up Gaz hosted a magnificent dinner theatre experience in the Spiegelworld tent with never-before-seen performances by artists from Absinthe and Spiegelworld’s Opium at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Guests dined on a specially curated menu from Caesars Palace restaurants Restaurant Guy SavoyCafé Americano, Bobby Flay’s Mesa GrillSearsuckerRao’sDelices Gourmands French Bakery, Beijing Noodle No. 9Pronto by Giada and Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen, while watching mind-blowing acts like a flying hula-hooper, a confetti-clad contortionist and a burlesque gorilla. Proceeds benefited the Southern Nevada hunger relief organization Three Square Food Bank.

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Though the dinner was a special celebration for the seventh anniversary, the amazing acrobatics, circus and comedy acts are par for the course at Absinthe. Most of the action takes place on a small round stage at the center of a circular theater. The music is live, the acts are wild and the jokes can get pretty raunchy. It’s an experience that The Gazillionaire describes as indescribable.

“How do you describe the heat on the face of the sun?” he asks. “How do you comprehend photons? You can’t! It can never be explained. It can only be felt deep inside, like super deep, like in the bones, not even the bones, like I guess in your f**k organs is what I’m trying to say, but I’m not going to say that because I know you’ve gotta write it. So I’ll just say it’s a cabaret of sensual exciting risqué circus cabaret for adults with a charming, gorgeous, intelligent, extremely wealthy, extremely handsome if I didn’t mention that already, host (that would be me) and exciting acts from all over the world.”

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Absinthe’s seventh-anniversary antics also marked another announcement, the show’s switch to a grueling seven days per week performance schedule with two performances per night in the Absinthe tent at 8 and 10 p.m.

“We’re going to go seven days a week, every day forever and ever and ever and ever and ever,” says Gaz, noting that he will most likely live forever because he is just that ridiculously wealthy. “You haven’t been keeping up on the headlines about the superrich and their quest to not die?”

As Gaz puts it, he’s not that different from other men in his echelon such as magnate Elon Musk. Like the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, he’s looking into space travel too.

“Absinthe on Mars, maybe,” says Gaz. “We’ve talked about it, but I said let’s do seven days a week first and go from there. I don’t want to overwork everybody. We’ll do it for a week, maybe two, and then we’ll start the Mars project.”