Tom Hardy Loses Bet To Leonardo DiCaprio And Gets Tattooed

Tom Hardy Loses Bet To Leonardo DiCaprio And Gets TattooedPhoto Credit: @STARS_REPORTERS INSTAGRAM

It’s come to light that Tom Hardy has a new tattoo that reads “Leo Knows All,” in huge capital letters. The reason? He lost a bet to Leonardo DiCaprio.

According to UsWeekly, while both actors were filming The Revenant, Hardy felt his role in the 2015 film would not land him an Oscar nomination.

DiCaprio, on the other hand, disagreed completely and the two proceeded to bet that if DiCaprio was wrong, Hardy would get inked.

To his surprise, the 88th Academy Awards nominated Hardy’s performance for Best Supporting Actor in 2016. The Revenant itself had 12 nominations, which was the highest nominated film that year.  

Though Hardy lost the nomination, the bet was still on. Three days ago a fan snapped a photo with the actor’s bicep reading “Leo Knows All,” because clearly, Leo does.