Winona Ryder Affirms Her Comeback As The New Face Of L’Oreal

Winona Ryder Solidifies Her Comeback As The New Face Of L’OrealPhoto Credit: LOREAL COMMERCIAL

Everybody loves a great comeback story especially when it involves actress Winona Ryder who made her debut back to Hollywood in the Netflix fan-favorite Stranger Things. But nothing solidifies Ryder’s triumphant comeback quite like a L’Oreal Paris endorsement.

Using Ryder to illustrate their new Elvive Hair Care line, the ad also suggestively cosigns Ryder’s comeback to Hollywood since her last triumphant role in 1999’s box office hit Girl Interrupted with Angelina Jolie.

According to AdAge, L’Oreal Paris’ were also in need of a comeback with sales decreasing 10-percent in 2017. The Elvive Hair Care is a champion for helping damaged hair, and the beauty brand along the way, make a comeback with Ryder leading the charge.

“Everyone loves a comeback,” reads the text on the commercial, “Damaged hair deserves one too.”

The L’Oreal Paris commercial shows Ryder wearing a gown in her dressing room with long, shiny, and bouncy healthy hair rehearsing her lines before stepping out on stage. Aiming to create an emotional response, Roman Coppola, director of the commercial, was definitely successful.


“We thought it would be great to celebrate timely comeback stories about women who are back on top of the world. And there was nobody better to start with than Winona Ryder,” Sean Bryan, the co-chief creative officer of the advertising agency McCann, told AdAge.