9 Ultra Violet Home Pieces To Elevate Your Design Style In 2018


Earlier this month Pantone announced its annual color of the year, ultra violet. According to color experts, the purple hue is going to be every where in 2018. Kendra Frisbie, the president of Decaso believes that the color choice is illustrative of the times we live in. “Historically, purple has been the color of visionaries calling for equality, so in a lot of ways, ultra violet is reflective of the climate of our world today,” Frisbie told Haute Living by email. “It feels hopeful and because it’s bold and unexpected, is perhaps what we all need right now.” With 12 years at McGuire Furniture under her belt, Frisbie knows a thing or two about interiors. In her new role she oversees Decaso, the premier online marketplace for antique and modernist home decor.


So why is ultra violet the shade of the moment? “Ultra violet has an energy about it that is rarely found in just one color. Both bold and meditative, it makes a spiritual statement in a profound way,” Frisbie says. “Everyone is wild for this rich, saturated hue because it symbolizes royalty and luxury. In design, it adds an unexpected pop of color that can quickly add depth to a space.” While the easiest way to add the bold color to your design scheme is to paint a wall, Frisbie recommends “mixing it into a room through textiles, throw pillows, rugs, accent chairs or decorative accessories. It can make a space feel very current, rich and welcoming.” Below she shares her favorite ultra violet finds from Decaso.


Limited-edition Art Basel anodized aluminum serving/bar tray ($1,500).


Pure white Murano lamps with lacquer shades ($3,950).


Mid-century Eames Lax lounge armchair in rarest purple color ($8,075).


Large amethyst geode on stand ($1,750).


Pali, 2015, acrylic polymer and pigment of aluminum by Don Martiny ($6,900).


Lilac hanging lamp by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen, 1958 ($828).


Pair of Hannah Morrison sling chairs ($2,800). 


Renato Freitas original oil on canvas, 2013  ($14,000).


Italian velvet sofa ($10,500).