The Shopkeep Gift Guide With Lost Coast Outfitters’ George Revel

Lost Coast Outfitters
Lost Coast Outfitters

Photo Credit: David Dines

This holiday season instead of doing a traditional gift guide, I’ve reached out to my favorite local shop owners to learn what they recommend giving. The retailers stock their respective stores with gorgeous clothing, covetable home goods, sensational spirits, and delicious eats, so naturally they have a knack for selecting the perfect gift. I came up with a list of 10 quintessential SF personalities, from the gentleman farmer to the Color Factory girl, and asked the curator what they would give each unique type. Now through Christmas, I’ll be sharing their gift guides.

George Revel
George Revel

“My husband’s a fly-fisherman,” Rebecca Revel said to me at lunch one afternoon at Out the Door. I smiled and nodded, but was thinking “a fly-fisherman? In San Francisco? That makes no sense.” But when I found out that Revel’s main squeeze is George Revel, the award-winning fisherman and owner of Lost Coast Outfitters, the only fly-fishing store in the city, it suddenly made sense. A fly-fishing prodigy, Revel is a former president of the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club where he taught newbies how to cast and focused on preserving the natural environment that fish thrive in. At his shop, Lost Coast Outfitters, which is located inside Wingtip in downtown SF, Revel sells everything from custom-made rods to utility bags. This holiday season he’s asking his wife for a Alpenglow bamboo spey rod and giving the following gifts. Here, in his own words is Revel’s gift guide.


The Lady Who Launched: Champagne ($96). . . Obviously. Or a bottle of wine that will be good five to ten years later and write a note with silver or gold sharpie on the bottle congratulating with the launch date.


The Hoodied Tech Bro: Patagonia nano puff hoody ($249.95) will put his two favorite things together—tech and hoodies.


The Fabulous Couple: The Yeti 65 qt cooler ($400) is perfect for a couple headed out on a mountain adventure and useful at home when throwing an epic party.


The Cool Mom: Cool Moms always have the best snacks at the ready. The ultimate snack Cooler Yeti Hopper 30 ($345) ensures that her veggie sticks and hummus stay fresh.


The Wine Country Escapists: The Laguiole 12cm knife with cork screw ($260) is a favorite of mine that I keep in my fishing kit for any picnic situation. It has wine and cheese covered.


The Budding Mixologist: Match pewter cocktail glasses ($70).


The Restaurant Hound: The cookbook Mallmann on Fire ($35).


The Gentleman Farmer: Get them the most gentlemanly flannel shirt ever—one from Pladras ($129).



The Interior Aesthete: Russ Chatham painting or lithograph ($2000).


The Color Factory Girl: Elle Luna artwork ($1000).


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