Stunning Hotel Indoor Swimming Pools For When Nights Get Chilly

While summer has only just ended, we’re already missing late night ocean dips and long afternoons by the pool. For most of us, an at-home indoor pool to enjoy when fall and winter roll around is not a familiar luxury. Thankfully, at these six incredible hotels across the globe, guests can take soak, swim, and splash inside all while forgetting their cold weather worries. Here, the most beautiful indoor hotel pools around the world that will instantly warm you up when the weather gets too chilly.

Puli Hotel

puli hotel

As you soak in incredible views of Jing’An Park in Shanghai, you can also soak and swim in the hotel’s serene infinity pool. Twenty-five meters long and eight meters wide, the spacious swimming hole’s astounding size means there’s plenty of room for everyone while the close-to-the window design ensures guests won’t miss what’s going on in the bustling city below.

Fasano Las Piedras

las piedras

Another pool with an incredible 180-degree view, this Uruguay-based hotel’s spa serves as a tranquil space to de-stress before the holiday season. Guests who are especially sick of the cold will relish the pool’s steamy temperatures. Rooms dedicated to ayurvedic treatments, oil therapies, and massage await nearby

Umaid Bhawan Palace

umaid bhawan pl

At this palatial stay in the desert in India, the indoor swimming hole more or less resembles a majestic lake. After a long day exploring the palace, treat yourself by taking a dip in this enchanting pool that’s surrounded by hand-painted murals and used to be the private sanctuary for the royals.

Altira Hotel

altira macau

Featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, underwater music, and an outdoor terrace, this super contemporary pool in Macau, China, is what sky-high swimming goals are made of. With a drink in your hand and your bathing suit on, you’ll practically forget about cooling temps when you’re warming up in the deep end.

Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa

kurhaus cademario

Recharge and keep toasty across the pond at this luxe hotel in Cademario, Switzerland. Their indoor pool boasts a cavelike interior, massage outlets, and hydromassage benches, as well as a waterfall, so you’ll feel totally at ease once you dip your toes in. The indoor pool and outdoor pool are actually connected by a running channel, so you can pop outside as you like to enjoy al fresco views overlooking the lake.

St. Regis Mexico City

st regis

Could you spend your whole vacation in the water? This heavenly swimming hole in Mexico’s capital has us convinced we could. Who cares about getting pruney when you can catch the sunset and get your hair wet at the same time.

L’and Vineyards

l'and vineyards

At this exclusive, 22-room retreat in Portugal, tired travellers can opt to rejuvenate with a personalized detox program, natural grape-based spa treatments, or a long swim in this sleek indoor space that’s ideal for late night dips.