Weekend Update: Miami Works To Return To Normalcy Following Hurricane Irma—What’s New

A week after the devastating wrath of Hurricane Irma across the Caribbean and Florida, Miamians are approaching normalcy once again. Local restaurants and hotels are almost all open once again, the power is slowly but surely returning to homes throughout the state and our streets are being cleaned up by local volunteers and officials. But some weren’t so lucky—there are a few places that will not open once again following the storm, or whose future is uncertain after undergoing serious damage. Here’s a look at what’s going on in Miami—new openings, closing, events and more in the midst of a nasty hurricane season.


epicure bakery photo (1)

Miami Beach’s beloved gourmet supermarket located in Miami Beach has broken the news that it will be closing its doors for good following Hurricane Irma. Owner Jason Starkman confirmed that due to the loss of perishables in combination with low profits over the past year and an increased interest in buyers due to its prime real estate, the market will not reopen. Many locals are saddened that the institution, open since 1945, is gone forever. Its homemade soup and gourmet baked goods will be greatly missed.


red fish grillPhoto Credit: Red Fish Grill The stunning Coral Gables waterfront restaurant, Red Fish Grill, was another casualty of Hurricane Irma’s destructive force. The restaurant experienced a six-foot storm surge that washed away the restaurant save for its basic structure. The restaurant’s future is still up in the air, as rebuilding is definitely a possibility, but a tough task nonetheless. After going through a similar process following Hurricane Andrew in 1992, its owners are skeptical. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for the fate of the Matheson Hammock Park eatery, hoping for a recovery and eventual reemergence in Miami Beach.


cuisine at LeyniaPhoto Credit: sbe

With Hurricane Irma hitting Miami in the midst of its beloved Miami Spice season, many residents were saddened with the thought that the special 2-month long restaurant deals throughout the city would be cut short. But don’t fret—it’s been announced that the restaurants plan on extending the special menus to make up for the lost days due to Hurricane Irma.


H&W CHEESE STEAK Shaved Rib EyePhoto Credit: Menin Hospitality

Most of Miami’s hospitality business is back to regular business following the Hurricane Irma closings. Supermarkets are becoming restocked and hotels and restaurants are making sure its residents are properly taken care of with Florida resident discounts and deals. For the most up-to-date list, check here.