The Most Delicious Food Accounts You Need To Follow In Las Vegas

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The only people that seem to know where to find any good food to eat are foodies. I’m not sure how they do it, but I’m jealous. Take my word for it. You’ll only last so long looking at their accounts without salivating that you get up at 12 AM to recreate that hot dog with corn. True life this is was me writing this post. In my humble and hungry opinion, here are the most delicious food accounts you need to follow in Las Vegas.


This is that damn hot dog with corn I was telling you I failed at recreating miserably. Twas the first foodie account from Vegas that I came across about a year ago. Not sure where the people behind this Instagram came from, but bless their parents.

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The horror! I want to eat everything, yet again. This account has a nice mixture of main dishes and desserts. It also features more seafood options than the rest of the accounts, which is nice if you’re a pescatarian.

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I need your help. I want to eat this. This account posts really good desserts that even I can’t help but try even though I only drink almond milk now. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. Still going to try this though. Sorry not sorry.


You know what’s better than food pics? Food videos because watching cheese stretch is extremely fulfilling. Don’t ask why just press play.


Sucker for originality, this account serves up more than just really good food at nice restaurants in Las Vegas. It serves laughs. Open up your Instagram app and type in the account handle to find out. Hint: music videos.

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What kind of life would it be if poke bowl weren’t in a pineapple? Let’s face it. A meaningless one. Lucky for us all they exist. And in Vegas. The most non-tropical place in America. But this account’s Hawaiian flair brings in all the color and sunshine…and poke in pineapples. Yes!

I’m still sticking to my guns and still juicing after all this amazing food. No I’m not. Where is that hot dog with corn located? @Unlokt feel free to jump in anytime in the comments.