Introducing Ippolita’s New Muse Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner for IPPOLITA CampaignPhoto Credit: Kendall Jenner for Ippolita

Top model and Instagram maven Kendall Jenner can now add Creative Collaborator to her growing resume by joining forces with fine jewelry designer Ippolita for the Fall 2017 campaign. Praising the model’s “youthful sophistication, fun and original style,” Kendall is the perfect partner to Ippolita’s design philosophy to create jewelry that is “cool enough to covet, classic enough to keep.”

The launch of the campaign also marks the release of Ippolita’s new Cherish collection, inspired by the brand’s signature Cherish link. The collection was created by designer Ippolita Rostagno’s unique body imprinting, a technique where gold is shaped into imprints of the body to create wearable sculpture.

The new Cherish Collection takes Rostagno back to her roots in sculpture, shape, and the simplicity of beautiful materials.  “I wanted to build a collection based on my most recognizable shapes, showcasing my signature hues of 18K gold and silver.  I wanted to breathe new life into my favorite pieces by shining a (super bright!) light on them.”

Kendall Jenner for IPPOLITA Ring Selfie
Kendall Jenner showcases the new collection via her Instagram account.

The Cherish Collection truly speaks to the core of the Ippolita brand. “In a way, it has all the qualities of long lasting jewelry: it’s elegant, sexy and easy to layer.” And with supermodel Jenner as a part of the equation, it only amps up the coolness and sex appeal. “An icon calls for another icon, and since my fall collection is based on “Cherish”–my most recognizable signature shape– I thought it would be a perfect marriage,” shares Rostagno. “Also, I admire Kendall for her point of view as it relates to personal expression – she always looks cool and has an enviable ease about her.”