I Love Boston Sports And Here’s Why You Should Too

If you are a Bostonian, you love Boston sports. It’s as simple as that.

From our five-time Super Bowl winning New England Patriots to the three-time World Series championship Red Sox (did we mention they have clinched first place in the American League East?), it’s easy to see why we refer to our great city as “title town.”  For all of the die-hard sports fans out there, we found one of the best (and most fun) ways to display your love for one of these great teams is with a creative piece of wall art (or apparel) from I Love Boston Sports.

Designed for anyone who appreciates quality art with a passion for Boston sports, their prints bring sarcasm, wit and history to life. Our favorite ode to last year’s historic comeback featuring our Super Bowl champs, The Last Laugh, shows the Patriots team enjoying a laugh (and a beer) while NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell uncomfortably cowers in the corner.

I Love Boston SportsPhoto Credit: I Love Boston Sports

The creative genius behind the brand, Mahlon Williams, takes Boston sports legends and combines them with historic and pop culture moments to create limited edition pieces. One of their most popular pieces is one that pays homage to George Washington sailing the Potomac River, but with Coach Bill Belichick and his team Crossing the Charles.  Williams wanted to display our patriotic team, who “broke the ice and led the charge which resulted in a decade of domination.”

I Love Boston SportsPhoto Credit: I Love Boston Sports

In 2013, the brand got its lucky break when it was picked up by Sports Authority and they were offered a national deal, which put them on the retail map before the stores shuttered last year. Today, I Love Boston Sports has four successful gallery locations throughout Massachusetts, including the South Shore Plaza in Braintree, Square One Mall in Saugus and Boston’s Faneuil Hall Marketplace and the Prudential Center.

I Love Boston SportsPhoto Credit: I Love Boston Sports
Their newest piece, Beers: Where Every Townie Knows Your Name, showcases a collection of Boston’s most famous “regulars” like Terry Francona, Red Auerbach and even Steve Horgan, the Boston Police officer known for his celebration of a David Ortiz home run in the Red Sox bullpen during game two of the 2013 ALCS, as they gather around a Cheers inspired pub, which was inspired by the popular 1980’s TV show set in Boston.
“We’re exceptionally proud of our latest piece in the I Love Boston Sports collection, which is not only an homage to the caliber of greatness of Boston athletes,” Williams said. “We always thought it would be cool to walk into a bar and see all of your favorites having fun and never having to reach for their wallet. You can make a strong argument for some of the other greats who aren’t featured in this piece, including two certain Red Sox who patrolled left field between 1939 and 1983, which is a testament to the richness of Boston sports history. Also, we get questioned all the time about our selection of who and what we choose to highlight which is why each of our themes are different. If we always included the best of the best, our art would get boring. Some guys are staples, but we really try to expand the selection of notables to include, which is why some guys are memorable but for all the wrong reasons.”
I Love Boston SportsPhoto Credit: I Love Boston Sports
Home Plate Special is a commemorative painting dedicated to the best designated hitter ever to play in Boston – David Ortiz. The Norman Rockwell inspired image designed in “Runaway” style celebrates Big Papi’s career and features local kids from Boston, who share their love of baseball.
I Love Boston SportsPhoto Credit: I Love Boston Sports
We caught up recently with CEO and Creative Director Mahlon Williams to find out the creative inspiration for his ideas, how long it takes to make a piece and which one is his favorite of all time.

What was the inspiration behind the brand’s idea of combining sports figures with historic moments?

My background is in finance and I grew up in North Carolina.  We didn’t have a sports team at the time and I was a big Michael Jordan fan. I have been an entrepreneur my whole life. My friend submitted my name to a reality show and I sent in a tape and ended up winning (he was Spike TV’s “Pro’s vs Joeswinner on Season 2, Episode 7). That friend convinced me to start a T-shirt company. It was a great opportunity for me because I majored in economics and theater, coupled with the fact that I have a near photographic memory, it was a great fit. I learned how to execute on the ideas so the possibilities are limitless. The stuff we do is unlike anything done nationally. There is a lot of subtle humor buried. Each picture is deeper than what you first see if you really take a closer look. We hold the themes of each piece close to our chest and use it as an opportunity to share that.

How long does it take you to make one creation?

We always have three to four pieces in the works, but it takes about 15 to 18 months to complete. You have to put it down, give your eyes a rest and look at it later. There is always pressure to top the last one. The Last Supper is my favorite. It took about four years to finish. Every version had to be scrapped because it wasn’t coming together the way I wanted it to.

What is your most popular piece?

Crossing the Charles is my most successful piece ever, which we did a couple of years ago.

What did Bill Belichick think of Crossing the Charles?

Usually, we make a creation and send it to whoever is in the picture and never hear back. After the Super Bowl, we got an order from the Stadium (Gillette) and the order was going to Bill Belichick. He sent us a nice letter and we found out he has this one hanging in his office.

How do you come up with your ideas?

I watch TV, look at scenery or it could just be observing something. It sounds a little crazy, but I stare at the ceiling or wall before I go to bed and start arranging pictures in my head.