The Tastiest Restaurants To Celebrate National Lobster Day

Although San Franciscans are partial to the crustaceans that flourish in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean, when Dungeness crab isn’t in season, locals have been known to enjoy their fare share of fresh, buttery lobster. It may be imported from the East Coast, but Bay Area chefs know how to cook a superb lobster dish. In honor of National Lobster Day, which is next Monday, September 25, here are the best places to enjoy lobster.

IMG_1207Photo Credit: Dish and Room

Bar Crudo

Bar Crudo is a seafood lover’s dream restaurant. They have every type of fish, from grilled octopus to whole branzino, and of course, lobster. It can be found on the raw bar menu and on the large shellfish platter. However, the must order lobster dish is the salad. The vegetables change with the season from tomatoes and corn to beets and pistachios, but what always remains the same is the plump pieces of lobster claw. If you’re lucky it will also feature burrata.



Bix is a long-established SF eatery that has always served one memorable and beloved lobster dish. It’s their scrumptious lobster spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, jalapeños, and basil. It’s super fresh and indulgent, but not overly heavy. Order it with a glass of white Burgundy and you’re in for a treat.


Leo’s Oyster Bar

In the mood for a classic lobster roll? You’ll find a decadent one at Leo’s Oyster Bar. Chef Jennifer Puccio tosses the delicate lobster meat with cultured uni butter before stuffing it into a toasted brioche bun. It’s served with French fries and house sauce. The lobster roll is available at both lunch and dinner service. Elsewhere you’ll find lobster in two more places on the dinner menu: mixed into the crab cake with bacon and horseradish—and in the luscious seafood bisque.


Michael Mina

Lobster pot pie is one of chef Michael Mina’s most iconic signature dishes. He first served it at Aqua and it’s now on the menu at his flagship restaurant in downtown San Francisco. What makes the pie special is that it’s served table side. The vegetables, lobster, and cream sauce are cooked in a small copper sauce pan that’s covered with a flaky pastry crust. The waiter carves into the dish and allows the diner to take in all the delicious and savory aromas.


Sam’s Chowder House

Down in Half Moon Bay, Sam’s Chowder House is one of the few places in Northern California where you can find a traditional New England-style lobster clambake. It’s a private-event offering, so call in advance to set it up. It’s also available to-go. The clambake includes lobster plus all the fixings: clams, mussels, corn on the cob, red potatoes, sausage, and coleslaw. If you simply want to dine at the restaurant, there is clambake for two on the menu. Other lobster dishes are lobster ceviche that’s served in a tortilla shell, a classic lobster roll, whole Maine lobster, and lobster spaghetti for two.



The menu at Waterbar changes depending on the catch of the day, but whole Maine lobster is almost always among the chilled shellfish offerings. A shellfish bisque that incorporates lobster is on the lunch menu, but if you’re in the mood for a finger-licking good shellfish extravaganza, order the lobster at dinner. It’s a whole 1.5-pound Maine lobster roasted in Waterbar’s wood-burning oven. It comes with warm heirloom tomato salad, hollandaise, and French fries.