101 Meter Super Yacht Concept Mauna Kea Might Become Reality

Although named after a dormant volcano on the island of Hawaii, the Mauna Kea superyacht is anything but inactive! Designed by award winning Italian designer Roberto Curtó, who joined forces with naval architect Mario Grasso and brokerage firm SuperYachtsMonaco, the concept has drawn the attention of  Fincantieri Yachts, who is willing to take on the build, if a client presents itself.

That client would be getting himself one of the most enticing superyachts around. Although inspired by a volcano, one can equally make the case that it was a battle cruiser that inspired the design of the Mauna Kea. Given its length and width, it is a very sleek yacht, modern in design and with beautiful details.

While a helicopter deck dominates the stern, it is the aft deck that has a truly amazing feature: a water slide, sided by staircases. One can, in fact, take this slide, or the stairs, straight out of the helicopter, as the yacht features an outside staircase that allows you direct access to the superstructure. In addition to the pool in which the water slide ends, the Mauna Kea features another pool at the lower aft deck, as well as one on the superstructure. Of course, there is also a large sundeck, al fresco dining area, as well as an outside bar. Details of the interior have yet to be revealed, most likely because its future owner will also have a lot of influence on how this will eventually look like.

With a design as breathtaking as this, the build of the Mauna Kea has become more likely now Fincantieri Yachts has joined the project. They are well versed in building superyachts, having delivered in recent years the 134 meters Serene and the 140 meters Ocean Victory. Several potential buyers have already shown interest in the project, so it is not unlikely that we will see the Mauna Kea at one of the premier destinations soon.